Since November 1993, the US organization, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Events in the free-style combat sport, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). On Saturday, the 232. UFC big event, in addition, there were 230 other small battle in the evenings. In spite of this experience, from 25 years, there are still things that happen for the first Time in the history of the company. As with the upcoming Event, which was moved with only a week in advance Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

the reason for the unusual action was a positive doping test of the main fighter Jon Jones. Jones had been transferred several times in recent years the use of banned means least, after his fight against Daniel Cormier in July 2017, as the anabolic Steroid dehydro-chloro-methyl testosterone has been proven. Jones ‘ victory against Cormier was cancelled subsequently, the locked light heavyweight for 15 months.

The lock expires in November, early December, Jones was tested in the preparation for his upcoming fight against the Swede Alexander Gustafsson again, and again, the sample contained traces of the steroid, which had earned him in the past year the lock.

California start-up is entitled, in the state of Nevada not

However, the US Anti-Doping organization, Usada confirmed to such a low concentration of dehydro-chloro-methyl testosterone, that it is according to the experts, probably the remains of the already-punished offense. Presumably, Jones has not doped, so again, the fabric is very long undetectable.

UFC President Dana White: Why not California?

The Problem is that The positive Test is initially a positive Test, and the in Las Vegas competent Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) didn’t check through the holidays with sufficient time, the process in Detail and a hearing. Different the is with the competent Commission in California, and is familiar with the case and all the documents are available, because they had locked Jones in July 2017. In California, Jones is not entitled to start, in Nevada but.

To do this, you need to know: The regulation of combat sport events falls in the United States the responsibility of Federal state authorities, which work independently of each other. And the late evaluation of the monitoring of the training sessions – the results were available immediately before Christmas, as well as the scheduling of the event “between the years” make a quick editing in Nevada, and an exchange between the States impossible.

the losers will be The sportsmen and athletes

Because the fight between Jones and Gustafsson, as “the Main Event” the most important part of the fight is in the evening, must now be so moved by the entire event of a Federal state in the other. Nearly 450 Kilometers. For the vast United States a manageable distance. Nevertheless, especially the athletes suffer in addition to the Fans who bought Tickets for Las Vegas and the Show had been happy, and female athletes under the plan change, with the exception of Jones, of course.

in Total, are planned for the evening of 13 fights. Those who compete in the framework programme, will earn only a fraction of the money of the main fighters. Most of them book you at their own cost, flights and hotel rooms for Team members and family members. Short-term transfers are expensive – especially around the holidays. Also, you have to pay for the Start-up in California, new medical studies to go through, the cost of which they bear themselves, additional licensing fees and taxes on their fight purses, which it would have had in Nevada.

In the social networks, dam different fighters values inside and fighters, that they were not informed by the UFC itself, about the laying, but the message from the media. The Brazilian Cris Cyborg, who will be riding against Amanda Nunes in the second main bout, said in a Video on her YouTube channel: “This is crazy. You should contact every and inform. We are a Partner. Why can’t you call the media, but not us?”

“We should all say no”

Undercard fighter Brian Kelleher has called on his colleagues via Twitter for a Boycott. “We should all say no and see what happens,” wrote Kelleher. “On the other hand, we are all trying to make money and pay our bills.”

Also for the UFC responsible for the installation is a mammoth logistical task. You had to book the “Forum” in Inglewood, a suburb of Los Angeles, the entire Live-TV-production-timing, ticket sales for Las Vegas stop and back handle as well as a new ticket sales system.

in Spite of all the hardships in the new place, UFC President Dana White and his Team is not inconvenient. In Las Vegas big Events are held regularly in the greater Los Angeles, the organization is in comparison, rather rare. White had already announced that, once again, a major event to California. That’s why some Fans and experts suspected behind the Jones-story of a PR Hoax.

the image damage and financial losses, however large. The new hall within a few days to sell out, it will be almost impossible. However, the tickets make up only a small part of the total turnover. Far more important is the TV revenue through Pay-Per-View sales, which are not affected by the new venue and by the reporting of the unusual routing and maybe even be inspired.

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