Not many shows have brought in the private television Institution: Günther Jauch’s Quiz "Who wants to be a millionaire?" the jungle "I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!", Heidi Klum catwalk show "Germany's next top model", or music shows such as "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and "The Voice of Germany". And because the Inca Bauses farmers.

"farmer wants a wife": Live-Stream RTL

The principle is simple and therefore effective in the public: Twelve farmers, all of which are solo, make the acquaintance of ladies who want to put an end to that.

38-Year-old managed 10 000 hectares

Among the candidates, the presenter Inka Bause, the woman wants to get, this Time even four foreign farmers: All Andreas: of The 67-Year-old from British Columbia in Canada lives on a 32-acre Ranch about 20 years ago, born in Switzerland, emigrated to America.

The 45-year-old Guy from the Region of Diekirch in Luxembourg has to manage 140 acres and lives on a farm, which is since 1779 in the family’s possession. The 38-year-old Jörn lives with his family in the fourth Generation in Namibia, and must say and write to manage a 10 000 hectare area.

"farmer wants a wife" on a regular basis in the criticism

a Little more modest when it comes to 48-year-old Leopold from Austria, who has a dairy farm, 16 acres of pasture, 19 cows, seven calves, one dog, four cats, and eight chickens. The other candidates hot Bernhard (53), Christian (56), Claus (47), Dirk (40), Marco (35), Matthias (23), Niels (30) and Stephan (40).

again and again the air &quot was;farmer wants a wife" in the past few years, under fire of the critics. For this reason among others, not to be because, allegedly, every peasant, pretending, standing alone, in reality, really bachelor is supposed to have happened. And also because of the well-being of one or the other should not necessarily have been in the main-time farmer.

28 weddings found by "Bauer sucht Frau" instead of

Of the quotas, the series is one of the Providers in the case of RTL – despite a slight decline in development. In the past year were measured per issue on average to 5.46 million viewers. This year, seven episodes, each with 120 minutes in length are planned.

And a TV-duration burner also has always a certain amount of stock: 122 farmers were presented since 2005, more than 20 couples, according to RTL, up to today, 28 the high times were celebrated – seven this year alone. And agriculture is secured for the part in the next Generation – or at least the perspective on: 14 babies were born.

presenter Inka Bause, the on 21. November will be 50 years old, is already a little proud of the Show: "This show surprised me again and again, and I hope the audience, too," says the native of Leipzigerin. "next year, it is 15 years, "farmer wants a wife". This cake I would cut incredible."

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