Lady Gaga has been awarded for her first starring role (“A Star is Born”), but had, nevertheless, one of the strongest performances on the red carpet. The singer was blue to the tips of your hair: your baby blue dress with a Train (Valentino) was a tribute to that worn by Judy Garland in the 1954 Original. Because Gaga wouldn’t be Gaga, she left hair in the color of the dress with water. The From-head-to-toe Look, complete with a necklace made of more than 300 diamonds, including a pear-shaped ice from 20-carat fragmented. A prize also, for the film’s song “Shallow”.

Lady Gaga in Valentino

eye-catching diamond jewelry and also wore Layne, Rachel Weisz and KiKi. Both opted for, however, for the neck straps instead of chains. Emily Blunt showed, however, that you can wear stones just as beautiful in your hair, for example, in the Form of a brooch. If the fabric is in harmony also as beautiful as her silver Alexander-McQueen-dress, fashionable-go wrong.

Regina King glared. In her pink dress and no noble it was, however, stones, which shone in the spotlight, as the actress picked up the award for her role in the movie “If Beale Street Could Talk”. The strapless dress fit like a glove, courtesy of designer Alberta Ferretti is perfect. King took advantage of their appearance for a promise: half of the cast of all your projects in the next two years will be female.

skirt, pants: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is 100 percent female, but 50 percent of their Outfits were male – at least, if a pair of pants is seen as a traditionally masculine piece of clothing. The Rest was a Empire dress. These hermaphrodite-the Look of Stella McCartney can be sure, not every carry, Pretty Woman. There it was, seemed to be quite so tragic, that the 51-Year-old had to leave her first Golden Globes Gala after five years without a price. Was celebrated afterwards with burgers and canoodling on the back seat, like this Instagram Post shows.

old Hollywood Glamour

Sandra Oh, is the Co-host of the Gala, several movie-star Looks. On the red carpet she walked all in White, but not with a bouquet of flowers, but with the announcer colleague, Andy Samberg on the Hand. Her asymmetrically-cut Versace dress draped shoulder was mainly thanks to a great effect. The trophy for best acting performance in a drama series (“Killing Eve”) took her then two-color receipt: on the back cut out Maxi dress was also white, but had long silver Sleeves. In the story Oh, but as the first Asian woman to be awarded with more than a Golden Globe. will go down

Julianne Moore in Givenchy

in addition to colors and a large diamond jewelry is a Trend at the Golden Globes loops. It was made of Velvet (in Nicole Kidman’s hair), silk (Charlize Theron neck), or more simply (to the dresses of Alison Brie and Gemma Chan). The most beautiful of the loop, the Juliane Moore’s dress at the back to hold them together. The Design comes from Claire, nothing beats an oversized basement for Givenchy.


That the age of tyrants has expired, has not been displayed in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton hotel in this year by Wearing the color Black. Instead, there were bracelets in black, to read on which TimesUpx2 was white:””. The policy Statement, among other things, Laura Derns handbag and the wrist of your fellow actress Amber Heard adorned.

“Times Up”loop

In the case of men, mainly Timothee Chalamet and Cody earn Remote observing, which showed that there are Alternatives to Smoking. In order for the world to see his leather bag in the holster look, had to Chalamet, however, occur without a suit jacket in front of the photographers. In the house of Louis Vuitton, you are likely to enjoy the resulting images. The Australian actor Cody Fern was braver and wore a shoulder transparent shirt and baggier pants. Was completed the androgynous avant-garde-outfit by dark-bordered eyes and Margiela shoes with the Japanese abgeschauten Tabi-tip (with separate big toe).

Billy Porter would have gripped better to the Tuxedo. Be clear, colorful embroidered shirt, the gray suit and silver Cape, then, was perhaps too much of a Good thing. what do you mean? cast your vote!

And so it goes: you always see two photos in comparison. Click on the Outfit you like better. The other one disappears, a new one appears at the end of your favorite look remains.

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