Johann Georg Reißmüller wrote for the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” about Stalinism, was a correspondent in Belgrade and was later appointed to the editor panel of the sheet. Now the Journalist has died at the age of 86 years.

Reißmüller was born in 1932 in the Czech litoměřice and after the end of the war with his father and brother in the state of Communist East Germany gives birth to deported. In 1950, his father was arrested there on the same day Reißmüller fled first to West Berlin. Later he moved to Tübingen, where he studied law.

As a court clerk, he began to work part-time journalist, in 1961, he was the FAZ, the political editor. From 1967, he worked for four years as a correspondent in Belgrade, in 1971, he was head of Department of internal policy. 1974 Reißmüller was appointed to the editorial Board of the newspaper.

During the war in Yugoslavia published Reißmüller a series of editorials in which he pleaded for the recognition of Slovenia and Croatia.


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