Actually, it runs after a mixed start to the season just to finally be around at FC Bayern. Niko Kovac and his Team won against VfB Stuttgart, just his seventh League game in a series. Would not tarnished after each victory, the joy of the view to title rivals Dortmund, the dashes persistently in the table in advance.

As a trainer colleague Markus Weinzierl, who was sitting after the game next to him sound, according to its fourth defeat in series with the descent vulnerable VfB nevertheless, satisfied as the Bayern Coach. “We have seen in the first half with a decent performance, we have a one hundred percent Chance to 2:1,” said Weinzierl almost enthusiastic about his Team. Then Kovac, then took the floor and spoke, at least by his standards, almost in a Rage. After a clear 4:1 success.

Actually, it was started Yes scores with the early 1:0 by Thiago (5.), but then, FC Bayern had, Kovac said the actual, “35 minutes, not at all taken place”. He had already acted during the game, often dissatisfied. Because his Team played “slow football” and no means is found to get in behind the Stuttgart defence. That the Schwaben to the compensation by Anastasios Donis (26.) almost, the leadership would have achieved, from the division of Kovac in his criticism of cascade. After all, it was raced in the second-half better, the big Problem at the moment: “We want to be masters. We must see that we will get the 90 minutes on the plate.”

Kovacs comments on the game were proof that the Bavarians are neither with themselves nor with the overall situation. As with the rear round kick-off nine days earlier in Hoffenheim (3:1) was it the Dortmund-tracker to play over long stretches, its individual class. But not over the entire season. It looked only at a 4:1 by Robert Lewandowski (85.), a solo run, to the his 99. Duty goal in the domestic Arena. Because the 2:1 by Serge Gnabry Stuttgart captain Christian Gentner had deflected the Ball, deflected into far corner of the net (55.), the 3:1 Leon Goretzka had a goal (71.).

“other opponent”

The 23-Year-old stand, and afterwards with a thick bandaged right Hand in the interview zone and said: “In the first half of the season we would have played probably a draw.” Something spooks one in the head. Therefore, it would be a sign of a positive development that you have this time got the curve and clearly won. Very much more Positive, there were no reports, but. Especially since just like in Hoffenheim, the 3:1 Near-2:2 of the opponents ‘ legs was gone. “We need to address. Other opponents to come in the coming weeks,” said Goretzka. You have probably switched off after the early 1:0 down a gear.

Leon Goretzka (R.)

How to motivate yourself, if BVB has presented the day before, already impressive? Last may, when Bayern were already Champions, had Stuttgart in the Allianz Arena actually 4:1 win. But also the sense of want for revenge, did not want to pay after the early 1:0 apparently. With coach Kovac no longer has anyway no understanding of the fact that the Motivation is apparently not a matter of course. “I think everyone thought: Okay, it’s 1:0, that is, we can do this with the left. But in the Bundesliga nothing is left!” Especially not if the leader Borussia Dortmund win is even more impressive than the Bayern.

The players from both Teams were in about the same mood as your coach. While Stuttgart’s goalkeeper spoke after at least four goals to Bayern “vexed”, also Bayerns right-back Joshua Kimmich of the Finger in the wound. “We need to win every game,” he said, so he really believe that someone is an opponent underestimate. Because: “If we leave again, it is as good as over.” With of the championship. With other words: We could live with a 4:1 already. If we weren’t still six points behind Dortmund.

The tracker role you fill at FC Bayern just yet.

FC Bayern München – VfB Stuttgart 4:1 (1:1)
1:0 Thiago (5.)
1:1 Donis (26.)
2:1 Gentner (55., Goal)
3:1 Goretzka (71.)
4:1 Lewandowski (84.)
Munich: New – Kimmich, Süle, Hummels, Alaba – Martínez (46. Gnabry), Thiago – Müller (75. Rodríguez), Goretzka, Coman (86. Davies) – Lewandowski
Stuttgart: Zieler – Beck, Kabak, Kempf, Insúa – Gentner, Ascacíbar, Esswein (90. Sosa), Zuber (87. Didavi) – González, Donis (74. Thommy)
referee: Frank Willenborg
audience: 75.000 (sold out)
Yellow cards: Alaba / Gentner

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