Juan Bernat is shut up colder than a Dog. Have you experienced the tough Spaniard on Saturday in the 5:0 victory of Paris Saint-Germain against Amiens? Who grabs the Ball, crosses it into the penalty area to Julian Draxler, flight head to the ball and goal. How does he do it?

Since tags is an insult previously, insulted and at one-fifty with hat compressed together, the “shit” he used to play at FC Bayern, it is called – and then he twists quickly, so there is an edge from the Shoe and the fury shakes the socks. Others would have mentally cracked.

it is necessary To protect the footballers against such unworthy treatment, and, therefore, is now FC Bayern and creators of all the vile grumblers, and nest beschmutzern last Friday, with reference to article 1 of the basic law, the declared war. If we don’t understand Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeness, completely miss, be made effective immediately, prisoners no more – and Bayern would probably even support a class-action lawsuit, Juan Bernat, Mesut Özil and Karim Bellarabi, which compliments “shit”, “Shit” or “the spirit flew sick” the last time around.

Closes retroactively even Lothar Matthäus? Until today, the bad sleeps because of the sentence: “The Greenkeeper, as long as I have something to say, at FC Bayern.” So inhuman you FLV no earned record-national player and Bayern-Ex-captain and probably Uli Hoeness scolds: “We will not accept disrespectful reporting in the future.”

such As the substance puppy with loose neck

the Man Bayern will demand, that no one is allowed to talk ever again, not as bad as you are sometimes. And the players are relieved: “it’s a good feeling that the club protects us,” said Joshua Kimmich after the 3:1 in Wolfsburg. Also Manuel Neuer has finally returned to the back and makes no more errors, and the TV-expert, Olaf Thon has claimed since Friday, world champion Mats Hummels has been playing men’s football, or Jérôme Boateng on the outside sits.

Among us critics, the threat of FC Bayern has taken at least like a bomb, we don’t get it: criticism, Yes, as long as you degenerate into criticism.

We make it now like this nick fabric puppy with a loose neck, as we know from the hat racks in the rear Windows of older cars. Or as in the past, Rolf Töpperwien, the frenzied ZDF-penalty shock. As Oliver Kahn rose in the Prime of his goalkeeping days in a row, a new hairstyle, a new Outfit and a new wife, has him regrets how to once with the question of whether the price one pays as a public Person, was high. Kahn thought for a while and agreed to then carefully. “The price,” drilled töpperwien, “was very high, I think.” Kahn could give him again.

we must go There again. Because of the lack of respect in football has to be slowed down.

don’t Whine too often the Trainer? You rant about the club’s bosses as it used to Max Merkel, who described the Ritual of the player being kicked out: “When farewell you come like a firing squad: a dark case, dark suit, black hats.” The coaches feel persecuted by vile dark men. “Where is the respect?”, it is resounding from all directions. Last Gladbach’s coach Dieter Hecking in “sport Bild is to be taken,” the VfB-bosses, as they would have drowned Tayfun Korkut in the Neckar and the water body loaded with Weights so that it never recurs.

Like winning the Lotto

“It is about people,” stresses the Association of German football teachers. In the place of the ghosts: What is inhuman – the treatment of the Trainer or their wages, and pain money?

Credible studies that would, of course, that a surprising number of people blindly on a sling chair, and the lack of respect thankful. Even a fired coach, but not as a hostage, this is unbearable most dream jobs in the world, Motto: money alone makes you happy, but it will help you to feel lighter.

Korkut has received prior to his sacking even the contract is extended. Supposedly he was really happy about how you and I would do it, if the lady of Totto-calling a lottery and asks: “Should we pay you the million in large bills or small?”

coach is always a small winning the lottery, crowned, each Time from a pain-relieving severance. Trainer soft, and spontaneously to think of Robert Mitchum (“the river of no return”), the calmed once an Interviewer on the question of whether Hollywood was not a hard bread with the answer: “What I do is still better than work.”

Inhumane? Heiko looks Gorgeous in Leverkusen, Out-Call, and the tentative support of his head of sports Rudi Völler: (“he has our confidence”) these days is more realistic: “The criticism is justified, I have to endure.”

Uli Hoeness and Kalle questions Rummenigge on the spot stunned: Is the guy deaf on the ears? We need to talk to us as a last fighter for respect and morality the mouth, before Heiko understand Wonderfully that he is a case for Amnesty International?

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.