for Years have been waiting for the voters in the Speeches of the FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer in vain for criticism of the policies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In the days before the FDP party now Beer said so often and critically as never before. It was a strange intervention in the party’s friends in Brussels and the friendly contacts of Beers to members of the Orbán government, the MIRROR reported.

But Beer remained a case to answer. She explained why she recommended the FDP-MEP Nadja Hirsch in the run-up to the vote in the European Parliament on a rule of law procedure against Hungary, of all places, the Hungarian Ambassador in Berlin, as a conversation partner. She said, why she has condemned the attacks by the Hungarian government on the Central European University never clear, and how it depends on your friendship with the then leading Minister Zoltán Balog.

The delegates gave themselves with Beers in empty words, satisfied. They had not a single question to the candidate. Or maybe no one dared to make Demands, because it had already gotten around that such a behavior is punished.

The members of the European Parliament Nadja Hirsch, the only candidate who has already gained experience in the EU Parliament, got no views list of rich square. Hirsch was among those who had made the doubt as to Beers ‘ attitude to the Orbán-government to the public. You lost the fight nominations to the list 2 and list 6. (Read here the analysis of the FDP party Congress)

One may argue about whether Hirsch was well advised against the popular top candidate of the young liberals in 2nd place. You can also ask the question whether it is sent to the kidneys, so shortly before the election the public Expo. But the truth is that party leader Christian Lindner has not learn from the Doubts of Beers position from the MIRROR. Furthermore, it is not in the party’s an open secret that it had to be the relationship between Beer and deer prior to the release to the Best state, and the designated top candidate appears to be no great interest to sit with the deer in a group. The question of who was here intrigue of victims whose, is not finally clarified.

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autocrats So much but the party has shown Deep the Trauma of the Era Westerwelle and Rösler are seated, as the party descended friends in public on top of each other and contributed to the FDP in 2013, flew out of the Bundestag. The new FDP belong to, that any attempt of the intrigue would be punished, according to the party leadership. It would be good if the new FDP would also belong to that uncomfortable questions are not punished. And if those who are procrastinating in a Central political question that would put to speech.

The FDP now pulls with a Handicap in the election campaign. To the liberal election campaign strategy of criticism of the European people’s party, you would not have a clear attitude towards Viktor Orbán. This rebuke to the political competitors may not represent the newly elected top candidate of the FDP is still credible.

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