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The car production in the UK declined last year, the industry Association SMMT, more than nine percent. So you marked the strongest negative territory since the recession, while the banking crisis of 2008/2009.

the reason was the fear of an exit from the EU, said the Association. The investments in the industry decreased by almost half.

The important British car sector accounted already for 2016 – the year of the Brexit referendum – declines in all areas such as sales, investment, and productivity. In the UK, 850,000 people work in the automotive industry.

More on the topic of Brexit negotiations Backstop – what is it, what time is the come on, why is this so damn complicated?

On the 29. March will leave the UK, according to current plans, the EU and an agreement with Brussels for the relationships then it is still. A Deal was made between Prime Minister Theresa May failed in the middle of January in the British Parliament, also this week there is a new Brexit-voting no breakthrough.

thousands of British companies had activated contingency plans for a disorderly Brexit, told the British chamber of Commerce the newspaper “the Guardian”. Many considered the operation to move parts abroad. Previously known plans are only the “tip of the iceberg”.


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