Fear of job losses: thousands of RWE employees are blocking access

Monday, 15. October, 10.21 PM: thousands of employees of the energy group RWE have to build on Monday morning, access roads to the day, and power plants in the Rhine region to be blocked. At various vigils around 4000 Employees participating, according to information from the IG BCE trade Union. "colleagues are afraid for their future and jobs," said Union spokesman Manuel Rendla. The vigils are planned to for lunch.

According to the clearing stop in the hambach forest a threatening RWE may removal. The brown coal open pit mine of Hambach 4600 jobs are linked according to the company. The actions on Monday morning after the group information has no impact on the production of electricity. This was backed up by a skeleton crew, said an RWE spokesman.

RWE threatens with reduction of

Saturday, 13. October, at 08:15: After clearing the stop threatens RWE-the-job removal. "The decline of the brown coal promotion will not remain without impact on employment. Consider this: At the Hambach open pit mine of 4,600 jobs, of which 1300 alone in the mine and 1500 in the finishing of the brown coal hang. How many jobs do we need to delete at the end, in fact, is still open", said RWE chief Rolf Martin Schmitz in an Interview with the düsseldorf-based "Rheinische Post" (Saturday). "Once we have an Overview, we will talk with the unions and our works councils."

cancellations are not excluded: "can Exclude I this time nothing. But so far, it has managed to RWE still, to avoid operational redundancies and to find socially acceptable solutions," said Schmitz. Short-time work was, however, not an Instrument: "You can’t operate a power plant in short-time work. The must, if it is in the network is always in operation, and in the layer service."

a week Ago, the upper administrative court of Münster had said the clearance of the hambach forest to a final judgment, and may take, according to RWE years: "We stretch out the operation. We are reducing the funding of ten to 15 million tons a year, and have to drive the utilization of the power plants and finishing back", explained Schmitz. Currently, RWE promotes in Hambach 40 million tons in the year.

It is also conceivable that the RWE power plant units shut down, the Hambach supplies: "anything is Conceivable, but we must first wait for the decisions of the coal Commission," said Schmitz, "Rheinische Post".

special holiday for police officers in NRW

17.20: For your use in the case of the evictions of Dozens of tree houses from coal opponents and environmentalists in the hambach forest, all in the last few weeks, used police officers from North Rhine-Westphalia, two days of special leave. "These use meant for all the special loads, therefore, he also deserves special appreciation," said Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU), according to a statement made Friday at a Meeting with riot police in Brühl.

Previously the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger&quot had been reported; in. The police-hundreds had done in the case of the multi-week clearing of the forest, according to Reul the almost 380 000 hours of operation. The costs go into the millions.

Of the special leave benefit in addition to the law enforcement officers, all other government employees have done in the so-called Special organization for the use of the service. To do this, police included doctors, drivers and care assistants.

a Total of between the 13. September and the 8. October about 31, 000 people in the forest have been on the edge of a brown coal mine in operation, had told the Minister on Wednesday in the Parliament. The trade Union of police (GdP) was required to pay for the Extra work promptly, and to pay the police better.

RWE must Hambach open pit permanently

Friday, 12.10 reactors., At 16:31: The German power company RWE will not be able to continue its lignite production in open-pit mining Hambach, even after the end of the grubbing-up stops again to the old level up. “We will need to reduce the production in Hambach due to the delay, permanently, by around 5 million tonnes in the year,” said the Chairman of the Board Rolf Martin Schmitz, "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

because of the gradient of the Seam under the hambach forest. The extra damage for RWE, one cannot quantify “seriously. No one knows how high the electricity prices will be or what emission certificates cost“. Schmitz stated to the F. A. Z. according to the court’s judgment to the grubbing-up stop announced Earnings from 2019. “The damage will be according to our assessment, at 100 to 200 million euros in the year”.

A risk to the dividend, he doesn’t see this. “It remains the case that in 2018, there will be a dividend of 70 cents per share.”. Worried he was about the Echo of the investors. “Above all from the Anglo-Saxon countries, the us mirrored back that you are confused in terms of the local energy policy and the Jurisdiction. You understand that such a decision may be taken. Her clear verdict is: Germany is a more difficult location for investment.““

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