A yellow vest has brought Mohamed Ramadan, to prison. The lawyer from Alexandria, was posing on Facebook in a safety vest and with the protesters in France, solidarity. The Prosecutor’s office in the Egyptian port city has imposed a 15-day detention of Ramadan.

The investigators accuse him of, according to his lawyer Mahienour el-Massry “supporting a terrorist group”, because he had planned protests in Egypt after the model of the French “yellow West”movement.

in Order to prevent other Egyptians, Ramadan is a model to follow, have banned the authorities, the sale of yellow vests in the country practically. Wholesalers and shop owners were present instructed to only sell safety vests to clients, a licence from the police. If Egyptians want to buy without the Express permission of yellow jackets, you need to report the seller.

The scheme will initially until the end of next month to apply: On 25. January, the beginning of the uprising against Hosni Mubarak, marks the eighth anniversary. Apparently, the Regime of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is afraid that around the anniversary, thousands of Egyptians could go in the yellow vests against the government on the streets.

the Yellow vest in a shop window in Cairo

However, there are currently no signs whatsoever. Sisi has put since its military coup in 2013, tens of thousands of Islamist and secular opposition to prison or placed under house arrest, demonstrations against the government are prohibited. Every Egyptian who raises his voice against the head of state, knows that he may wander for years in prison.

Muslim brothers in the yellow vests?

Nevertheless, the Regime shows in Cairo nervous. The conformist media, therefore, try the “yellow West”-protests in France as a revolt of the Muslim brothers. Algerian, Tunisian and Moroccan Islamists from the poor suburbs were behind the riots. “The way these protests have run, shows without a doubt that the Muslim brothers are behind it”, writes the newspaper “al-Masry al-Yaum”.

The coverage in the Egyptian media focused on the looting and destruction in Paris. From many articles open Schadenfreude says: “Europeans always speak of the human rights of the protesters and don’t care about national security. Now you can drink your own poison”, writes “al-Masry al-Yaum”.

demonstrators in France,

Egypt’s media to equate the protests with the Arab spring of 2011. The reporting, therefore, is the attempt of the uprising at the time, later to be interpreted, in an Excess of violence and vandalism, which was only stopped by the Intervention of the army under Sisi in the summer of 2013.

Clumsy hoaxes

The Arabic service of the Russian propaganda channel RT, the Egyptian media and supporters of the dictator does not stop also in front of clumsy and inaccurate information. So they spread an almost two-minute Video, a woman in Camouflage and a yellow vest.

“A French policewoman cries and asks the protesters to kill them, to destroy rather than Paris, as the Arabs with their Nations have done” – so they report on the Video. In fact, the Clip shows a protester, pleading with police officers, the protesters not to attack. Of the Arab States, no mention is made at all.

demonstrators in yellow vests in Basra

Anyway, there are so far only Arab country in which protesters in yellow vests are shown. In early December, yellow in the West, drew “the” in front of the Governor’s Palace in southern Iraq’s Stast Basra. The people there have been protesting for months against the worsening living conditions and the indifference of the government. With the Acquisition of the “yellow West”-the symbolism you hope to get international attention.

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