Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) generated in 2018, according to the MIRROR, a Surplus of 11 billion euros in the Federal budget. To this amount the revenues were higher than expenses. The reason for the Plus lavish tax revenue, which had their cause in the good economic and employment situation.

As with the Surpluses in previous years, the Plus of 2018 feeds the rear location, the accommodation, meals and to be financed language courses for refugees. It has so far remained untouched because of Scholz and his predecessor Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) were able to Fund these costs from current revenue of the Federal government. The so-called refugee return situation has now reached a size of about 35 billion Euro.

The Surplus of 11 billion is not a record value. In 2015, the growth was in the Federal Treasury even in the case of 12.1 billion euros. Nevertheless, Scholz holds the budget balance is significantly positive.

For the future, the financial expert of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag warn against a much worse financial situation of the Federal government. In the coming years, to 2023, the Federal Minister of Finance, Scholz lacked around 100 billion euros in its financial planning, in a Expertise.

As the biggest financial risk to the Union paper the foreseeable future, calls for more spending on development aid or defense costs in the framework of Nato, as well as contributions to the EU, which are not yet funded. These expenditures cracks alone a “funding gap of almost EUR 57 billion by 2022, or almost 77 billion euros, with an update to 2023”.

Because due to the economic slowdown, the tax would not pass and exceed revenue expectations and also the interest expenditure is not a game room, recommends the use of the group of paper three measures: spending cuts would need to be increases”, in tax, or even the return of new debt is being contemplated”.

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