The Federal cartel office has condemned against the nation-wide Bicycle wholesaler ZEG a fine of € 13.4 million. The “Central purchasing co-operative society” have made 47 Bicycle retailers on the minimum price requirements and, therefore, “a Situation such as in the case of a sales cartel, the traders created”, informed the German Federal cartel office on Tuesday in Bonn. The 47 traders need to pay anything, because they were against the ZEG in a weak Position. The wholesaler was an opinion cannot be reached.

According to the Federal cartel office ZEG has cooperated in the investigation of the transactions and the payment has already been agreed to, the administrative fine is final. The cooperative’s members of a shopping community, the Europe-wide, about 960, and in Germany, 670 independent Bicycle retailers – including 47 dealers, with which the cartel has demonstrated that price controls that are part of it.

ZEG with its Headquarters in Cologne has a strong market position, the company has growth in recent years. 2016, according to the Federal Gazette, with a turnover of 666 million euros with a profit of 3.4 million euros. ZEG offers in-house brands such as Pegasus, sold but wheels from manufacturers such as Kettler.

the price targets are limited in Alliances in time it legal to, the present case has blown up the legal framework from the point of view of the cartel office. “Thus the price competition between the members of the purchasing cooperative to the end users has been severely hampered,” said Cartel office President Andreas Mundt. The agreements date back to 2007. They ended only in February 2015, as officials searched the premises.


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