The Federal Council has approved a number of important projects of the Grand coalition finally. Now what law is, what have the citizens thereof, and what else has been decided yet:

Summary: pension reform, relief for families, health insurance, strengthening of the care part-time reform of the electric service truck, and job ticket
liability in the online trade
Truck tolling constitutional court see More pension reform

two weeks ago, agreed package of improvements in the mothers ‘ pension, as well as the stabilization at the level of pensions and contributions. The new regulation provides for a double line: The level of pensions will remain until 2025 at least 48%, the contribution rate at 18.6 percent may rise in the meantime, to a maximum of 20 percent. All mothers and fathers prior to 1992, children born to get half a pension point credited.

the calculation of the disability pension is not assumed as yet that receiver up to 62. The age of have worked. In the future, should apply each retirement age increases to 67 years. For low-income earners will apply from July 2019, the need to pay a monthly income of 1,300 euros for the full social insurance contributions. So far, 850 Euro.

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relief for families

The Federal Council approved the law, the children’s money 1. To increase July 2019 by EUR 10 per child. In addition, higher tax allowances and compensation for the so-called Cold Progression in the tax tariff. The children’s allowance should in future be for the first and second child, respectively, of 204 euros per month for the third child, 210 euros for each additional child 235 Euro. Also the child allowance will be raised: From January 2019 per child 7.428 Euro 7.620 Euro and beginning in January 2020 then 7.812 Euro. For the following years, the coalition is planning further increases in child benefit, but which are not yet included in the current law.

The tax-free amount increases beginning in January 2019 from 9,000 euros to 9.168 Euro. From January 2020, it should be then 9.408 Euro. Income below this value in principle remain tax-free. To the same extent, the maximum amount for the tax Sales of maintenance duties. To compensate for the so-called Cold Progression will be postponed from January 2019, also the rest of the tax rate. The taxpayers are to be relieved by a total of 2.2 billion euros per year from 2020 by a further 2.1 billion euros a year. The term bracket creep refers to the effect, if due to the progressive tax tariff in connection with the Inflation income increases are eaten up.

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health insurance premiums

Legally Insured pay in the future less for your health insurance: With the law on the return to parity of contributions is the employer, the additional contribution from 1. January to half. The average additional contribution is decreasing in 2019, at the same time, by 0.1 percentage points to 0.9 percent. The General contribution rate of 14.6 percent, the employer and the employee pay to the same Parts.

The return of the contribution parity of workers and pensioners relieved now total an annual rate of approximately 6.9 billion euros. In addition, the new regulation provides for further relief to the Insured in the billions. The health insurance companies are obliged to have their financial reserves to melt, and the excess return of the Insured due to reductions in contributions. In addition, the minimum decreases, the contribution to the statutory health insurance for Small self-employed.

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the strengthening of the care

The care strengthening the law contains an emergency program to eliminate staff shortages. It provides that in the stationary care for the elderly to 13,000 new jobs, and finances. Training allowances for trainee nurses to be taken in the first year of training by the health insurance companies. Nursing staff costs for the hospitals should be taken out of the existing system, and fully funded. This also applies to staff increases and pay increases.

Further, it is provided that, starting in 2019, the remuneration of apprentices in children’s nursing, and refinance health care and nursing assistance in the first year of training through the cashier. This is to strengthen the readiness for the training of nurses.

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part-time reform

The workers in Germany from next year, the right to work a part-time employment. The act for the Bridge part-time to on 1. January enter into force. In small enterprises, the new regulation does not apply, however. Only in companies with more than 45 employees, Employees continue to be entitled to a temporary part-time phase, which can last between one and five years. Companies that have between 46 and 200 workers, however, must grant each 15 workers a claim on the Bridge part-time.

the employee can then make an application to Bridge part-time, if they are longer than six months in the company’s employ. Specific reasons for the reduction, such as the care of relatives or education of children, do not need to specify. The introduction of the Bridge part-time Union and SPD had agreed in their coalition contract. In the last term, there is still no agreement on the project was concluded.

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electrical service truck and job tickets

electrical service truck will be provided with a private use in the future for tax purposes better. So far, the drivers of E needed to service cars and hybrid vehicles the private use of a percentage of the domestic list price per calendar month is taxable. For E-cars, which, according to the 31. December 2018, and before 1. January can be purchased in 2022, decreases this value to 0.5 percent.

The law also specifies that reduced job ticket tax in the future, completely free: workers have to saving the cost no longer taxable. Thus, they should be encouraged to make greater use of public transport. The tax-free benefits are, however, counted against the flat-rate distance allowance.

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liability in the online trading

make it difficult for A new regime to the VAT fraud in online trading. In the future, the operator of an electronic market place such as Amazon or Ebay for the unpaid value added tax from trading on their platforms. This you can get free, if you meet certain record-keeping obligations, or tax-dishonest traders from your marketplace to exclude. Especially in third countries-based company led frequently no tax on sales that you achieve from sales in Germany, according to the justification of the Law.

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Truck tolls

The Truck toll on motorways and Federal roads will be increased for the new year. For the first time, the cost of the noise load by load so that the car involved in the calculation. More weight classes, and thus, the increased road load due to heavy truck are also taken into account. Electric Trucks are exempt from the fee until the end of 2020, also gas-powered vehicles.

the new toll rates, and the already since the summer of applicable extension of the toll on all Federal roads, the Federal government anticipates future revenues from an average of 7.2 billion euros per year. 2.5 billion euros more than in the past. 1. July previously on motorways and around 2,300 kilometers of national road due toll had been extended to the whole, 39.000 km long national road network.

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constitutional court

The former Union group Vice-Stephan Harbarth (CDU) was elected, after his election to the constitutional court judges to Vice-President of the court. The Federal Council voted unanimously for the 46-year-old lawyer. On Thursday him the Bundestag had chosen to judge at the highest German court in Karlsruhe. For the office of the Vice President as the successor of the outgoing Constitutional court, Ferdinand Kirchhof, the consent of the länder chamber was necessary. As in the Bundestag, Harbarth needed a two-thirds majority. It is expected that Harbarth moves in two years as the successor to the current court President Andreas vosskuhle at the forefront of the constitutional court. The term of office Voßkuhles ends in the year 2020.

Harbarth sat since 2009 for the CDU in the Bundestag. He also worked as a commercial lawyer for a law firm, which represents numerous large companies. His election is seen critically, because he goes from active politics directly to the constitutional court. However, politicians also changed in the past to Karlsruhe.

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