Personal contacts for image exchange: The Federal Agency for work wants to send more than 950 additional careers advisors in schools. You should speak with the senior pupils of the secondary schools. The objective is to advise more in the direction of training and to expand the views of the range of Career choices, said Agency chief Detlef Scheele.

so Far, high school graduates opt for a course of study. To convince you of the contrary, would have to change the Advisor to the attitude of the young people dramatically. The professional consultants are to be used starting next school year. To you a lot of work is expected.

Because many high school graduates appear to it as a “risk of wasting your training effort,” when you begin a training, which is actually only a secondary school degree is needed. According to a study by the Federal Institute for vocational education and training (BIBB), which no longer pursues the question of why businesses and young people find each other.

adviser facing big challenges

another Problem facing the consultant, compensation and hours of work. According to the vocational education and training report of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training in this regard would have to be attractive, to attract more trainees.

On the other hand, almost every third undergraduate Student cancels but again, as a study by the German centre for higher education and scientific research (DZHW) in the past year. Also to study and training, drop – out, you wool take care of, therefore, stronger. The Federal Agency want to lose at the interface of the school-to-work as few young people””.

The new powers are intended for a better guidance of eighth-graders and their parents. Here, the focus is on the promotion of Mobility, in order to bring applicants and training places together better. “It is still unusual for young people for a training take off – and at home – that’s why we want to enlighten in this regard, parents and students early and better, and advise,” said Scheele.

Nearly 25,000 applicants without Teaching

For the first Time since 1994, it was in the last year of training, more training places than applicants. Were still vacant as at 30. September approximately 57,700 apprenticeships, which corresponds to a Plus of 8700 compared to the previous year. 24.500 applicants were, therefore, still non – 800 more than a year ago. Five percent of all registered applicants remained without a training place.

a Regional perspective-Western Pomerania were in southern Germany, Thuringia, Mecklenburg-as well as in the Saarland and Hamburg is significantly more apprenticeships than applicants reported. In contrast, training in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse were missing.


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