Two and a half years of coup attempt in Turkey is already here. Since that July 2016, the Turkish government is massively against alleged enemies of the State. Critics of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it’s more difficult. Even after his Power had been expanded by the new presidential system once again. Many Turks have left the country due to the developments and be included in a number of cases in Germany.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

About one in two asylum seekers from Turkey has recently received in this country of protection. The answer of the Federal Ministry of the interior to a written question of the Vice-chairmen of the Left in the Bundestag, Sevim Dagdelen, present the news Agency dpa.

“Turkey is not a safe country of origin. For dissenters to be Turkish citizens, the situation is getting worse, more and more,” lamented Dagdelen. “The Federal government is simply unconscionable, if it supports the Erdogan Regime with economic aid and arms deliveries, while at the same time, every Second, fleeing Erdogan, receives protection in Germany. It must be brought to an end with the help of the Federal government for an escape polluter pays.”

German arms exports to Turkey

The Federal government has been criticized for this, after in January of last year, pictures of Leopard tanks from German production had emerged, which were used in the Turkish Offensive against Kurdish militias in Syria. to take clearly It is the Offensive power of arms exports from Germany to Turkey so controversial.

In August, it was then known, that German weapons have decreased supplies to Turkey as well as Saudi-Arabia: The Federal government had approved 2017 rare exports. This tendency, however, was quickly reversed in the year 2018, the German arms exports have increased in both countries.


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