The designated CSU Chairman Markus Söder wants to push the party chief Horst Seehofer vagina, according to his own words from the office of the Federal Minister of the interior. Wanted in Berlin stability and continuity, and “the staff”, said the Prime Minister of Bavaria in Munich. With a view to the future division of tasks Söder announced, you’ll see “community” how to find the best possible line-up. “We will find the right way.”

Seehofer had announced last week his resignation as party leader. Söder is on 19. January will be chosen to be his successor as CSU leader. A counter-candidate. Internally Seehofer had previously made clear that he does not want to remain without the party chairmanship long the Minister of the interior. A concrete date for a possible withdrawal from the office of Minister Seehofer left open.

Söder also announced that he wanted to improve the cooperation with the CDU. He promised “a highly cooperative with each other” – after the “most difficult phase” of the dispute in past election campaigns. The party had recognized, “that it is more worthwhile to emphasize the common substance with the CDU,” he said. In the future, the CSU will be a “stabilizing factor of governments”.

His goal was the CSU lead to the failures in the Bundestag and Bayern-choice, “perhaps back to old strength and acceptance,” said Söder.

CSU – “It was not an easy decision,” Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder applying for the CSU party Chairman. In difficult times, he wanted to lead the party, says Söder. © Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa collaboration with Weber

Söder, in particular, a close and announced Together with party Deputy Manfred Weber of the CSU as the people’s party to set up politically as wide as possible. Weber is the top candidate of the European Conservatives in the European elections at the end of may 2019, has the best chances of the office of the President of the European Commission, and has renounced therefore, ultimately, a nomination for the CSU presidency. In the case of Weber the complete strategic direction for the European elections will be, said Söder.

Politically Söder sees the permanent place of the CSU in the middle class, and not narrowed, but “broad”. At the same time, he called for a clear demarcation of “radical forces” such as the AfD. And Söder, a new openness, more dialogue, promised to listen more. The days of “One-Man-Shows” are over, said the 51-Year-old. Ensure stability and renewal – these are the challenges facing the CSU. The party must at the same time, be modern and down-to-earth, close to home and open to the world – and, above all, optimistic and “life-affirming”, he demanded.

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