The number of investigative proceedings against suspected Islamist terrorists has increased in the past three years. The response of the Federal government to a request of the FDP parliamentary group.

The government speaks also for the period since the beginning of 2015 of the seven “actively prevented attacks in Germany, which have a direct or indirect reference to Islamic terrorism”. The recent spying trial at the Stuttgart airport is not counted.

In the year 2015, the attorney General had initiated, according to the 108 proceedings against Suspects from the Islamist Milieu. In 2017, we were Accused 1052 proceedings against 1173. This year (as of 10. December) were 855 cases against a total of 905 suspects.

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warrants and convictions are evidence of high risk property location

Although set in the past year, a variety of investigation procedures. Here is the suspicion that, in particular, Afghans accuse often wrong, in order to avoid deportation. (You can learn more here.) The consistently high Numbers of issued warrants and convictions demonstrate, however, that acute high risk situation in Germany.

How many alleged Islamist terrorists currently in the country on the basis of an international arrest warrant to be sought, not recorded, according to the government statistics. It was “surprising and irresponsible that the Federal government has no information about how many Islamic terrorists are in hiding, an arrest warrant,” said the FDP-inner politician Stephan Thomae.

Of the 1052 determination procedure by the year 2017 were set in 519 procedures. 462 proceedings were issued because of minor importance to other Prosecutor’s offices. Three methods have been coupled to other processes. 68 procedures were followed by the attorney General.

No detailed Figures to the possibility of radicalisation in the prison

The number of the accused, the only have the German citizenship, was, according to the Federal government between 2015 and 2017 relatively stable at around 50 per year. This year so far, with 37 cases against German Islamists have been initiated without the second Pass. 17 is a second citizenship were Accused in addition to the German. Most of the foreign accused persons came from Afghanistan (310), Somalia (218) Syria (139), Pakistan (52) and Iraq (27).

claim While some of the Afghans, they would have fought for the Taliban, in order to prevent deportation, are such false self-accusations at people from Syria and Iraq is rather unlikely, since people from these States are already in a protected status. However, in individual cases, it is not excluded that they will be accused by the country people to be wrong.

No detailed information yet on the number of Islamist terror suspects who have been radicalized in prison through contact with other prisoners.


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