He have to wait for. As he enters the Training that has lasted to this day a little longer, and finally the room, apologizes to Felix Kroos, 27, immediately. The brother of world champion Toni Kroos, 28, is in a good mood that is immediately felt. Good humor, wit, and Humor are a hallmark of the middle field player from the 1. FC Union Berlin to win the on Friday a title. Because the German Academy for football culture selects the spell of the year is 2018 and Felix Kroos is in the final selection.

with his Tweet that he had written to the 2:1 in the second world Cup preliminary round game of the German national team against Sweden. A small, funny tip against his brother, he has a good relationship and had borrowed the game of a hit, and later, the Last-minute winning goal. Felix Kroos tweeted: “Strong! A goal is made, one prepared.“

the WORLD: Mr. Kroos, have you ever won a competition, a title?

Felix Kroos: On the place or outside?

the WORLD: no Matter.

Kroos: In the youth, I’m often became the best scorer’m. As regards the professional area, I would have to think about it. (Brief Pause) With Werder, we have brought the T-Mobile Cup. But the don’t really have a meaning.

the WORLD: What opportunities do you see in football, saying 2018?

Kroos: I’m cool with that.

the WORLD: How is your Ranking in terms of the three competitors is?

Kroos: of course I am, that is clear. (laughs)

the WORLD: the Moment that I didn’t want to know.

Kroos: well, from old ties to Nils (Petersen; d. ed.) I would see him at the front. But these are all good sayings. In the case of the Nile, for example, a piece of truth.

the WORLD: He said: “Loosely speaking, verblöde I for ten years, believe me, because I can kick pretty well.”

Kroos: he’s right. I know how he means it, because we know ourselves to be.

the WORLD: we Come to you. Your brother’s at the world Cup for an acclaimed Last-minute-goal – and give him time with?

Kroos: Well, if he gives me the template, but I use the. (smiles) but I’m aware that I can’t comment on if he was given as a third division player for a misplaced pass to a goal and then the winning goal would have been achieved. The wouldn’t have had the range. I understand the dynamics of my claim quite well. Due to the success that my brother is everything to him, registered a lot more. But as I said, if he gives me one or the other template, I like it ice cold.

the WORLD: When their brother on a DFB-trip questions from Fans on Twitter replied to, texted you: “Is not a calm night in the team?”

Kroos: Yes, I think, since I was already in bed. There was at this time, the discussion of tougher rules in the DFB-Team and it was a little later in the day, I wanted to ask. (laughs)

the WORLD: How has your brother reacted?

Kroos: Quite relaxed, as always. He has perceived this and his part thought. I think he was happy – and had to laugh. At the time could write almost everything. The joy of victory was just great.

the WORLD: That’s always been your type of Humor?

Kroos: Yes. I don’t take social networks so seriously. I’m trying to spread a bit of fun to give a bit of joy and me as I am – without having to adjust me. And if that is so well received, as it seems, this pleases me.

the WORLD: they Had also in the past, each time a spell of Europe?

Kroos: of course. In football teams, you’ll get daily sayings around the ears. Since there are always two, three guys who are good at it. As you learn to deal early on and how did you get a spell react, and it is a can do, self-have two in stock.

the WORLD: Twitter and Instagram use them in measured doses.

Kroos: Absolutely, otherwise, at some point it is no longer funny, but boring. That is, even in normal life. If you mean to every day with sayings stand out, you quickly. Therefore, I have no desire to report me constantly. And I think the interest is much bigger when you get some rarmachst. But if a good through ball, I’m there.

the WORLD: you do not use the social networks to spread the fun.

Kroos: Due to the large range, even by my brother, I can appeal to there are also things that are really important. How about the Foundation of Toni. The fun remains in the Background. I like it that you can remember it by Twitter or Instagram on something Essential. Since the range of Toni, I, of course, also benefit helps extremely. But what relates to this advantage of the spreading, is also not valid for me: every day.

the WORLD: There are not only advantages.

Kroos: it’s True. People can unfiltered and anonymously spread the things you want. Especially in the case of Toni, in phases in which it is going to be sporty as well, to what extent can accept all the criticism. The rashes are extremely – the malice and the derision. You could observe recently around the games against Holland and France. But I know how to use it and he will not let the so close to.

the WORLD: Feeling with him, if there is a barrage of critical comments against him?

Kroos: I don’t think that’s good and experience it for yourself. However, it is the time in which we live. But as I said, I know that he can handle quite well. He can judge properly. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter.

the WORLD: there Are people, whose sayings, jokes you like to laugh?

Kroos: Yes. About Tedros Teddy Teclebrhan I can laugh. This is all a bit flat, but funny. I can’t just laugh about me, but about others. Klaas (Heufer-Umlauf, d. ed.) I think that’s great.

the WORLD: you have, including all the Cousins, a WhatsApp group with her brother. The idea originates with the name “Horny guys”?

Kroos: no, No, founded by Toni.

the WORLD: what do you exchange?

Kroos: you don’t want to know, what is written on it. But it is also good that you know everything. That would destroy many of the images that one has of one. (laughs)

the WORLD: How active in the fraternal exchange with your brother?

Kroos: We have almost daily contact. The fact that he is left with 16 home, is that over the years much, much closer. Now that he has children, he has to do, of course neat and not so much time for me. He is on the road a lot due to the football. But we are in contact. Sometimes it is between us only to mundane things and sometimes the skin a the other a spell to the ears.

the WORLD: they were already a couple of Times in Madrid, but he still to visit in Berlin. When to get it?

Kroos: I was not there, to me games of him to look at or to see the family. So we have to be kind of the same, which relates to the mutual Visits Play. Only in Berlin Toni was not yet, in Bremen, when I played at Werder. But it is also difficult to find time, because as a footballer you’re on the road a lot. He. Madrid is also around the corner.

the WORLD: For Union it is also a further way in the First League. How would you rate the current Situation?

Kroos: We are unbeaten after ten Games. This is good. We have one or the other draw to much. But we can be satisfied. We know that we will lose a game. The decisive factor will be how we deal with it then. But we have a stable structure and gives us security.

the WORLD: Folding the jump to the top?

Kroos: it is difficult to assess. Each can beat you in this League every. Our goal is to play a good season.

the WORLD: In the case of Union, it is yet very harmonious in this season. Overall, though, a lot of excitement in German football is – especially in reference to the German national team.

Kroos: I don’t understand. In the Situation in which the team is located, is a great opportunity. You can emerge stronger out of it. It is not the first Time that a team has won the world title, experienced a period of weakness. We have at the moment. The it comes, two years. But against France, we saw that there are players who need maybe one, two years, in order to pass on quite a high level. I think no one need have fear for this team. However, it is important the situation realistically.

the WORLD: what do you mean?

Kroos: The people out there want to take a break and ask this also. At the same time you want good results. This is not always the case. I think, since all the need to muster a little more patience. But the fall in football, in principle, difficult. When I see how many coaches were fired in the First or Second League after a few Games. I know it is difficult. But I find that you have to go his way, the man has taken more and not so much from outside influence. In the case of a break setbacks cannot be excluded. They are the national team should be granted. Give the players time. In two years, so a game would have, such as the recent one against France (1:2, Red.) then not be lost.

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