it Is to land something Better than an airport in Italy and is a wine red Ferrari waiting for? The good-humored, and in ‘Ferrari red’ – dressed driver grinned from Afar. He held up the key and went to the Parking lot, where the wide, flat, deep Portofino waited. After a short introduction, I should just go. For the Italian toll system, I was done with the digital Cabinet opener familiar to you. However, already at the exit from the Parking lot to the toll fee payment failed. The respect for a in difficulties Ferrari driver lasted only a short time. After two minutes of standstill and panicked Trying to open the barrier, built at first a quiet, then a loud, and finally an infernal honking.

sweat stood on the forehead of the overmatched test driver. Will Lynch the Tifosi a stupid German in an Italian national sanctuary? With a stroke, silence. I couldn’t explain to me why, until I saw racing in the rear-view mirror an angry thumb of red lightning at me. It was the friendly staff from Maranello, who showed his countrymen rhetorically robust in the barriers and refused to vaccinate a Ferrari (or, as its clumsy Teutonic driver). Grinning, he sat on the passenger seat, and we tried it together. Until we realized that it is not the automatic of the Ferraris was broken, but the Mechanics of the barrier, was the only push of a button open. Then I drove off.

on The Radio were Italian songs. Gorgeous! It went to dusty to dirty Italian motorways of the absurd country roads, and finally, in the South Tyrol hills and mountains. The Ferrari purred. Only two-three times I dared, really, to the accelerator to push through – and what happened next was remarkable. As I reached in the night in the Hotel, I had not exhausted the possibilities of the convertibles to 15 percent. But the anticipation of the next Morning, and the tours on the mountain roads was very great.

The Ferrari Portofino includes forge, the last gap in the program of the Italian Excellence. The new Renncabrio exceeds the chubby, hüftsteifen, little sporty predecessor by the name of California in all respects. He is more beautiful, faster, more exciting, easier, and has now, with its 600 HP on those mistaken urge to frenzy, a Ferrari needs to be a Ferrari. The eight-cylinder Turbo is a muscular engine, yet crucial, however, is in its sportiness as uncompromising as comfortable, suitable for everyday use suspension.

No idea how the engineers at Maranello to make that happen. Engine, suspension, transmission and steering have in every molecule of your body of a Ferrari DNA. We are then flying through the mountains of South Tyrol Gera. Always within the speed limits of course. First and foremost is a brand-new Porsche 911 GT2RS, and then AMGs and the RS 6 and any amount of penalty were there. To make it short: At the end of the GT2RS and the Portofino played in a League of its own. For the owner of the AMG coupes a not so nice experience. For the factory driver in the Porsche in front of a surprise. He marveled in the super light weight on-the-go, The Portofino was faster than everyone thought.

It was such a liberating, unreal day. Where mobility is a traffic jam. Actually, the passion to know most motorists, it is past with the Idyll of free roads in the Sunny light. Car-clogged highways, airports are clogged, the bike paths are clogged, pedestrian zones are congested. Where mobility is a risk of Chaos and standstill. Nevertheless, the cars are faster, faster, wilder, than the world would be race tracks full of empty. In the new vehicles, a longing materialized after the forever lost Golden age of movement and of travel. The Portofino is the ideal toy.

Even at high speeds, it remains behind the glass peacefully. In the history of the brand open Ferraris as the most Beautiful, what has been built by the Italians. The Portofino is the first successful copy since the Daytona Spider, in which, at the time, Crockett and Tubbs in “Miami Vice” were sitting. In the Film series, it was then a f430 Spider. Had much less Charisma, but fit to the hardness of the Thriller. The Portofino is more pleasing and sharper at the same time. Which hardly anyone gets in the moment.

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