The European Union’s (EU) attempts to relativize the importance of the German withdrawal from the military mission to combat human Trafficking networks in the Mediterranean. A spokeswoman said there were no indications that Germany would be the deployment of further ships categorically. She also pointed to the fact that German soldiers will continue to be in headquarters, as well as on the lead ship represented.

Germany had announced on Tuesday evening, until further notice, no new ships for the Operation Sophia. The Bundeswehr will no longer be present after the Long-planned return of the frigate “Augsburg” with a marine unit to the Libyan coast.

dispute about dealing with Rescued

The CDU-defense expert Henning Otte told the grounds that the fight against smuggling in the area could be perceived to be effective. Background the differences in the EU about the handling of rescued refugees. These would be removed, could be included in the application.

Otte called for the establishment of an efficient coast guard and the EU border protection Agency Frontex. In the Mediterranean it must continue to be a military Monitoring, “with the possibility to save in Distress people and to combat people smugglers”. The Greens and the Left demanded, however, legal escape routes to Europe. The green defense expert Agnieszka Brugger expressed hope for “a civilian search and rescue mission of the EU”.

The people are yet brought in accordance with the 2015 adopted rules of all to Italy. The government in Rome wants to change that – and a permanent extension of the mandate only to agree, when it comes in the future, to a fair distribution of migrants. Which, in turn, countered by the fact that countries like Hungary or Poland refuse a redistribution mechanism to agree. Because of a dispute, the mandate could be extended to last only for a transitional period until the end of March.

The German announcement came for the EU institutions and the EU partners, according to the news Agency dpa unexpectedly. The German General inspector Eberhard Zorn informed, therefore, first of all Chairpersons in the fields of defence and foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag.

According to information from the German armed forces had to be rescued on the edge of the Mediterranean sea-operation so far, more than 49,000 people in distress at sea. He had been started in 2015.


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