The feminist magazine “Emma” called it a “spider-legged Anorektikerin”, has sold well, the Barbie doll with a wasp-waist, and a negative image in the past few years, not so. To change it, a new film project, in which the doll turns for the first time in a real people. Will play Australian actress Margot Robbie (“I, Tonya”).

In a Statement, Robbie said excited about their new role. To play “with Barbie, promotes in children self-confidence, curiosity and communication skills,” to let you know. “For nearly 60 years, Barbie has given children the power to see in the ambitious roles, from the Princess to the President.”

The Barbie doll sold in the last few years bad.

Behind the movie project is also the attempt of the toy manufacturer Mattel, the bad current business through popular film projects boost. The turnover of the group, which produces the Barbie doll, among other things, Matchbox cars, was melted in the past few years, resistant. In 2018, he recovered easily.

Last September announced, the group founded the film Department at Mattel movie. Previously, Mattel made animated films for television and home theater will produce, now he takes the big screen into the visor. Is planned in addition to the Barbie movie, a project of the “Masters of the Universe”dolls. A model for the Mattel-strategists is likely to be the success of the comic book publisher Marvel, with his immensely successful “cinematic universe”.

the Barbie doll is no longer presented since some years, only blonde, white, and extremely thin. There is the doll, in the meantime, in different sizes, with different skin and hair colors, with hijab and dozens of hairstyles.

In view of these dolls diversity affects the composition of the Barbie with the blonde, white, slender, Margot Robbie almost like a step backwards. Previously, Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway for the role were in the conversation.


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