The Italian chamber of deputies has approved the revised budget, the government on Saturday. In a vote of confidence 327 members of the coalition of the populist Five-star movement and the right to languages outside party Lega the trust, 228 voted against the draft budget, one Deputy abstained.

The coalition government in Rome was revised after several weeks of negotiations with the EU-Commission in its original draft budget to prevent a deficit-criminal proceedings and billions of dollars in fines.

The EU Commission had rejected the original budget plans in Italy in October. The reasons for the initial rejection of the draft Budget of a member state that he was in breach of European Union budget rules.

in the face of an imminent excessive deficit procedure, the billion-dollar fines for Rome, or the deletion of EU assistance could have lead, had the Italian government concessions announced in its budget plans for the coming year.

The Senate had approved the new draft budget already last weekend. The Budget of 2019, provides for a borrowing of 2.04 of the gross domestic product – instead of the originally planned 2.4 percent. Economic growth to 2019 is forecast therefore with a 1.0 percent instead of 1.5 percent. Italy’s debt load is approximately 130 percent of its gross domestic product.


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