The railway Commissioner of the Federal government, Enak Ferlemann (CDU), has led to the financing of investments in higher ticket prices into the conversation. “The railroads could raise their rates or the special rates will reduce,” said Ferlemann of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. Also long distance buses would be more expensive, “the times of cutthroat competition are over”. It could not be the normal case, to drive for 19 euros across Germany.

Ferlemann criticized but also the railway, and their demands for more money. “Always I hear the train: If you give us this or that more money, everything will be better,” said the parliamentary state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of transport. But the opposite had occurred. Since one and a half years, there were huge problems in daily operations. As he say that as a railway officer: “you have to do your Job, the System must work. Before the policy, there is no money.”

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Ferlemann is the track representative of the Federal government. Next Wednesday, he will sit again with the railway Executive and the transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) together to talk about ways out of the crisis of the state group.

Enak Ferlemann

CSU-Minister Scheuer had said after a first Meeting in Berlin, for rail customers, it should be up to the summer of noticeable improvements. Due to congestion on the rail network, construction sites and defects in the vehicles of every four long-distance trains of the Deutsche Bahn was in 2018, an annual average of late. The group missed its target significantly.

Ferlemann said in the Interview, also for a complete digitization of the rail network. The cost to 2040, every year, around 1.5 billion Euro. But that’s a lot of money could be saved, “because on the same network, more trains”. The Federal government must now confess, demanded the CDU politician.

He urged, in principle, a rethinking of the policy. In the past the money had been put rather in a new, expensive routes, such as between Berlin and Munich. “Importantly, an Expansion of the rail hub would be in urban agglomerations, since the trains to lose a lot of time,” said Ferlemann convinced. But the politicians wanted to open up better routes Quickly as a passing siding.


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