The German environmental aid (DUH) wants to enforce a fireworks ban in big German cities with high particulate pollution and, if necessary, in a court of law. “We will increase the political pressure,” said DUH-Federal managing Director Jürgen Resch of the “Berliner Zeitung”.

Therefore to be checked all the possibilities of a lawsuit. “However, this would be the last means of exploration,” said Resch. “Most of us, we could us some as quickly as possible out of court with the local authorities.”

of fine dust to a at on 1. January (measurements only at the points, the values in the other regions were derived from it.)

environmentalists have been warning long before the high load of fine dust by the new year’s eve pounding. Many municipalities have banned private fireworks in the inner cities. (Read a comment here on the topic.)

The German environmental aid plays in the diesel crisis, a big role, she has sought a ban with lawsuits a number of Driving areas for older diesel cars in large cities. Such zones should provide for rockets and firecrackers in the new year’s eve.

The DUH municipalities are challenged with high levels of air pollution, to organize a centralized and professionally designed fireworks outside of these, with fine dust-contaminated zones at the edge of the city. “A public fireworks display or a professional Pyro-Show, is not only safer. This also pollutes the environment less, since most other fireworks batteries,” said Resch.


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