In the New York district of Queens blew up a transformer in a power plant. The New York police informed the night to Friday on Twitter. The flashes of light over the city were probably as a result of the Explosion, it said. The fire was under control.

A company spokesman for the energy company Con Edison told CNN that there were several fires. Injured has not given it to the previous findings. The energy supplier posted a spectacular photo, captured by a photographer from the New York Times – he had the camera and caught the flash of light in the sky over the borough of Queens at the right moment.

According to NBC, some of the transformers from the mains went, the have started the fire. By the explosions of the night sky was illuminated in blue shades. The smoke had been to Manhattan visible. Many concerned citizens had reported.

mayor Bill de Blasio, summed up the Events a little later in a staccato-Tweet with five bullet points:

According to NBC, there was at LaGuardia international airport in the same district of a power outage. The airport, tweeted that passengers should allow additional time. Due to the power failure, the flight is operating. Not all of the flights would start. The flight status should be checked with the respective airlines.


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