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Should escape the UK unregulated from the EU, would have not only for trade and transport, with serious consequences. In the world of research and teaching, the fear of a so-called No-Deal-Brexit large: published On Friday, representatives of more than 150 UK higher education institutions an open letter, in which you warn in such a Brexit.

“That the UK could leave the EU without an agreement is one of the greatest threats facing our universities has ever faced,” reads the Letter, which is addressed to all members of Parliament. The important exchange of Knowledge, staff, and students was in danger.

The fear a signatory to that British universities could in the future be of the support measures from the European research Council (ERC) is excluded. For the next two years, 1.3 billion euros from the EU were estimated to be funding pots for the British research. “Scientists have developed their research proposals for months or even years, were suddenly high and Dry,” warned the President of the University of Manchester, Nancy Rothwell.

A chaotic Brexit is considered to be not excluded. The British Parliament is to vote on withdrawal in the third week of January on the Brussels negotiated contract over the EU. The Deal will be rejected – what it looks like so far, is in danger of on 29. March an unregulated retirement.

funding in the full amount of

replace Approximately 50,000 employees and 130,000 students from EU-countries could then stay longer without a Visa in the UK. Thousands of rules for cross-border trade and traffic between the UK and the EU would abruptly be invalid, border controls would have to be introduced.

The concern is that it would attract fall British universities, then harder, the best researchers from abroad. The Russell Group, the Association of 24 elite universities, published on Friday a set of statistics that the number of masters and PhD students from EU-countries in comparison to the previous year by five to nine percent. The number of Bachelor’s students rose slightly by one percent.

The high school representative request in your letter that the government had to replace all of the EU funding, which could collapse in March, in the full amount from the state Treasury.

In other respects, the government has signalled a possible concession: In July the Minister of education Damian Hinds had announced that students from the EU, the study of the fall of 2019 in England would have to pay higher tuition fees than in the past. In an Interview with the MIRROR, the President of the University of Glasgow, Anton Muscatelli said: “In my talks in Westminster, there is no disagreement about the importance of research cooperation and student exchange.”


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