In the days before the new year, the Berlin city is cleaning great effort. Tourists from all over the world are in the German capital, since it won’t look too bad. The roads in my district are self-currently amazingly clean.

It is in these days before new year’s eve, a joy to drive with the bike to work: hardly any shards of glass on the way, and even the cut-up shelves of a Swedish furniture brand that stood for weeks on the street corner, was picked up.

So it might actually be. But the joy lasts only for a short. In three days, everything will be different again. Then will already take place hours before midnight at the major intersection around the corner again a battle, at the young people see who is chasing his missiles at the deepest on the Asphalt. There are always two possibilities: the first to go out, or a larger detour.

My family moved in this year, the result is that We leave for a few days in Berlin. We have just enough of the field of battle, in which the city is transformed every year on new year’s eve. And enough of the what follows: The piles of garbage on the streets and in adjacent Parks; the desolate sight of a gigantic firecracker boxes that look as if they had come during the battle of Berlin in 1945, the use of can boxes; around fluttering plastic packaging; broken bottles, which blew up as the start-up ramps were used for missiles; and charred post.

Our neighborhood and other parts of the city after that for a long time a barren Zone, in the middle of the already dreary Berlin in January. The heroes of the city cleaning up afterwards with the clean up hardly, focus first on major roads and those parts of Berlin which are frequented by tourists.

Video: new year’s eve in Berlin-Neukölln – street battle with firecrackers and rockets


The stupid Rest – and most of Berlin are waiting. In many other large cities of the Republic of the problems of the firecrackers at night, and their consequences, in the meantime, in a similar way. But in Berlin it is the capital – you are the most fiercely.

I must confess that I have operated the Böllerei. In my neighborhood, I was a spit-fire operator: Even in the night my children had to bring with me the Remnants of the Böllerei to the waste tonnes.

With time, but all this has done is less and less joy, because I took in the city a growing, unrestrained dissolution is true. For years, there are these new year messages: policemen, firemen, medical helpers, attacked, and last year the inserts were in Berlin alone more than a thousand police, hundreds of fires and many seriously injured.

Actually, most of you know, it would have to have with this recklessness long. A recent survey showed that a majority of Germans are in favour of a ban on fireworks pronounce in inner cities.

warehouse in Bremerhaven, Germany, December 2018 : cartons with fireworks

so What to do? Other cities make that new year’s eve is also different: In Paris, Rome and Vienna must be kept private, not geböllert, with hefty fines, in a number of German municipalities, there are already prohibitions and designated zones. In Hanover, for example, is to Bring to the excesses of the past this year in an area of the city centre, and the firing of firecrackers and rockets.

In Berlin, however, is debated for nearly a year only, although the Problem is most pressing. Since then, the SPD won in the spring, an application to the house of representatives, has the red-red-green coalition can’t yet illegal or firecrackers zones, rings, missiles should anyway be exempted. At the beginning of December a soft-looking compromise was introduced into the state Parliament, which provides for certain restrictions. Mind you: From a General ban on private fireworks on new year’s eve is not already in the debate, the speech in favour of the Federal government through the explosives act responsible.

One Argument that comes up in my adopted home (since 1991 in Berlin) again and again: Who should control only a limited ban in certain Parts of the city? However, this is the same old excuse that is used in Berlin, when some policy-makers in collective irresponsibility comfortable. Elsewhere way it works amazing Yes, such as in the case of the Parking zones in the city. Since the control by the office, is produced in a short period of time, seemingly effortlessly. Why? For example, because the country generates revenue?

Perhaps you should fall back on the Argument of the fine dust load by the firecrackers, if need be. The main thing is that, the private fireworks is restricted or at best abolished. Then I would like to welcome the new year, again in Berlin.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.