the first night of the new year, have become forces to victims of attacks. In Berlin the fire Department was one of fewer inserts than in the new year’s eve of the previous year, unchanged from the aggressiveness is towards helpers: according to The figures, there were in the capital, 49 Attacks, 33 of them with pyrotechnics. A firefighter suffered a blast injury and was taken to a special clinic.

and so was able to work In deletion, in Frankfurt/Oder < / b> a firefighter: As a man in the head hit, he suffered a laceration, according to police reports. A group of young people had ignited a firework, a Meadow was on fire. In the case of the use of the suspects is said to have prevented the fire-fighters at their work. Also the determination of his identity, he did resist.

officers in Dortmund were shot at a new year’s eve rocket, and bottles pelted. Out came the attacks, it is close to the city centre from a group of persons, the police announced early this Morning via Twitter. Was hurt no one here. The man who had fired the rocket, was taken into custody. According to the police, was also taken another man into custody, because he had also fired a rocket to officials.

A female police officer was bitten after a traffic accident in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate of an 18-year-old driving a beginner in the Finger. The heavily intoxicated woman was lost according to police, shortly before midnight in the Bendorf with your car from the roadway and with several parked vehicles collided with each other. The woman tried to flee, according to the first to the scene of the accident, however, could be in the vicinity and taken to a hospital encountered.

Also, in Rhineland-Palatinate several of the men to beat in the new year’s eve night, a man who wanted to settle a dispute in your group. The residents in Freinsheim saw from his balcony from the confrontation and went to the police, together with his wife on the street. There, he was approached by three or four men, first verbally and then with a Baseball bat attacked. Also when he was on the floor, a beat, the young men next to him. Then, they managed to escape.

In Hamburg rescue operations were hampered forces, as they wanted to help a 20-Year-old. The forces initially remained in the car seats, because they were on Barmbeker market with objects pelted and insulted. After the police managed to calm the situation, provides an injured Person with a knife in the back of an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

The trade Union of police (GdP) had demanded in the face of an increase in the number of attacks in advance of respect for the forces. “Police and rescue forces, it is also new year’s eve are for you. Let them do their work and they will not attack. They are there for you”, admonished GdP Federal chief Oliver Malchow via Twitter.


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