With his first match dart has brought Toni Alcina’s victory against Toni Wright and the favorites from Scotland in the second round of the tournament in London thrown in. After two lost sets, Snakebite came back “” in the third short, losing in the end, however, 1:3.

The fourth set had a special drama: 2:2, it, as Alcina’s with a 180 started and at the end of the Rest of the 32 with the first arrow in the double-16 swoop.

Wright, who appeared dressed as Santa Claus, made in the course of the game, some good opportunities to snap the game itself. In the first nine Darts per Leg, he was on average a full 13 points ahead of the Spaniard. In the case of the Double Wright was, however, only every fourth arrow. The Spaniard was in this comparison, twice as good.

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