the Chairman of The US Federal Reserve, and Jerome Powell, has indicated a flexible approach in monetary policy and thus on financial markets muted ahead of a streamline course. “We are ready, the monetary policy is to quickly and flexibly adjust,” said Powell. “Given the subdued inflation values we have seen, we will be patient and watch how the economy develops.”

The U.S. industry had recently lost considerable momentum, and thus investors, to the start of the year stoked Worries about the economy. Powell stressed that the Central Bank listen carefully to the Concerns of the financial markets. They were ready to use all instruments to the economic support if necessary. “There is no pre-determined path for monetary policy,” said Powell.

in the face of massive criticism from US President Donald Trump on the interest rate the Fed’s Powell also clarified that the Central Bank meet for their decisions, regardless of the policy. If he would be asked by the President to resign, he would not obey, – said Powell. He got no Meeting with Trump on his Agenda and no direct communication keep line to the White house.

The US stock markets reacted with rising prices on the signals Powell, to rush with interest rate hikes, nothing. The recently released U.S. jobs report lifted the mood among investors – not only in the United States: Also the Dax rallied by the news from the United States and closed with an increase of 3.37 percent.


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