they wanted to set a sign against food waste: Due to the so-called Containerns two young women have been spoken in Bavaria guilty, reported the Bavarian broadcasting (BR). The two students had broken up, therefore, last June, the closed garbage containers of a supermarket in Olching and food, which they kept still for edible taken. The court saw this as jointly committed theft.

The district court Fürstenfeldbruck said two students, therefore, give a warning, and you condemned – subject to a fine of 225 euros. But these should be only pay, when the women committed within the two-year parole period offences. The court imposed the BR, as a Parole eight hours of work at the local panel.

The value of the Goods amounted to around Euro 100, – quotes the BR, the public Prosecutor’s office Munich II, The student inside the containers is not justified in an Interview in order that they find the waste of food is morally justifiable. A lot of food in dumpsters, despite an expired date of minimum durability still edible.

micro-plastic by organic waste you, Yes, you are the Problem!

The women, some of the entrained food had not reached the date of minimum durability. The student requested that, as in France, German supermarkets should be obliged to distribute this further.

Against a criminal command, according to which they would each have 1200 Euro fine to pay, had appealed to the students previously, according to information from opposition. Two further cases with similar circumstances in Bavaria were known to the had, however, been set.

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