The Plan is: A romantic dinner, it should be. But how much Spaghetti it takes to make two people sick? Enough half of the 500-gram pack, or do you water the whole into the boiling? Many people have misjudged the correct portion size and eat this much. From the romantic Dinner will be so binge-fast Eating. To whisper instead of declarations of Love, is the Couple then comatose on the Sofa to Digest.

in Order to prevent such a Situation, have developed British nutrition scientist for the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is a Directive, the Overeating is to prevent.

75 grams of Pasta per Person

In the case of Pasta, the researchers recommend, for example, 75 grams per Person, which roughly corresponds to the amount that fits in two adjacent covered hands. Some people have smaller hands than other games. For someone with big hands is, on average, bigger and have required a higher energy. Anyway, the amount of information to be understood only as reference values, the researchers argue.

Important: The weight refers to noodles in the dried state. After cooking you have to put a lot of weight and be significantly larger, they weigh an average of 180 grams.

For a reasonable Portion of Spaghetti per Person, the researchers following Trick recommend The pasta with the thumb and index finger so that encircle the diameter in about one A-corresponds to Euro-coin.

Other tips from the guide:

< p > fish or meat, a side dish should be about half as big as your own palm. Who wants to RUB cheese on his food, should choose a maximum amount, which corresponds approximately to the area of two thumbs. For Snacks, the Directive recommends a maximum amount of 20 grams. This corresponds to, for example, a handful of nuts. Who wants to eat a balanced diet should take per day to a maximum of 150 calories of sweets. This makes about four small chocolate squares. Those can slow down the Snacking difficult, the researchers suggest smaller packaging, small chip bags, chocolate bars or Mini Muffins.

“We don’t think usually about the right portion size,” said Bridget Benelam of BNF to the “Guardian”. Usually the habit, the appetite, the size of the package or the offer in the canteen or in the Restaurant in decisions, how much we invite to us on a plate.

Who has more on the plate, eat more

In a study of the BNF, most of the subjects ate recommend much more than nutrition experts. On average, the test subjects ate a provides 230 grams of pasta per meal, 50 grams more than the Directive. One in Ten ate noodles 350 grams. “Alone, which corresponds to 500 kilocalories, before Sauce and accompaniments add to that,” says Benelam. The development of the guide was financially supported by food companies and supermarkets.


previous studies had shown that people Who has more on the plate, eat more. Researchers therefore recommend, for example, to use smaller plates in order to avoid an increase in weight. The daily energy requirement for an adult woman is around 2000 calories, with a man at about 2500 kilocalories. The value strongly depends on the respective Person. With this calorie calculator, you can determine your optimum calorie consumption.

In Germany, about 62 percent of men and 44 percent of women are obese. The information is based on the so-called Body Mass Index (BMI), body weight in proportion to body size. The world health organization (WHO) classifies adults with a BMI over 25 as overweight. With a value of over 30 adults are considered severely overweight or obese.

BMI calculator Corbis

weight: kg size: cm


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Obesity is considered to be one of the biggest health problems. According to research it was the cause of four million deaths in the year 2015 – the equivalent of around seven per cent of global deaths in the period. Two-thirds of those Affected died of heart disease. Obesity is also a risk factor for hypertension, Diabetes, kidney disease and various types of cancer such as colon and breast cancer.


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