the President of The Association of tax experts of the Spanish Ministry of Finance, Carlos Cruzado, has expressed massive criticism of the planned tax deal between Cristiano Ronaldo and the Spanish public Prosecutor’s office. In view of the agreement that is said to have met Ronaldo’s lawyers with the authorities, he could understand that “citizens have the feeling that such acts are not punished sufficiently,” he said to the MIRROR.

the lawyers of The football Superstars have achieved Agreement with the result, after Ronaldo was accused of tax evasion, a suspended sentence of two years and around 19 million euros to pay. Thus, the professional of Juventus would escape a prison sentence.

Ronaldo has to appear today in Madrid to a hearing before the court and to take the allegations of tax avoidance position. The appointment is in view of the already achieved agreement between professional and public Prosecutor’s office, however, as a matter of form. A judgment is not expected for today.

It comes to revenue from image and advertising rights

Ronaldo is accused of in his time at Real Madrid’s revenue from image and advertising rights for an extensive network of companies with headquarters on the British Virgin Islands and in Ireland in the tax pass through. The case of the MIRROR had made jointly with the research network European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) in the context of the Football-Leaks-release series open to the public. In 2017, the public Prosecutor’s office had brought the charges against the footballer.

According to Cruzados estimate is expected by the agreement, the evaded sum of EUR 14.7 million Euro to 5.7 million, for Cruzado is an example of “what is excessive are the advantages of the criminal law admits in such cases,” – for the benefit of the offender. As such, Cruzado, criticized Ronaldo could expect a penalty of at least seven years ‘ imprisonment and to pay a fine of more than 28 million euros.

The criminal treatment of tax evasion in Spain “must be changed”, demanded Cruzado, fraudsters grant “to many advantages in comparison to other crimes”. And these benefits would be exploited by soccer professionals as well as to the example of Celebrities from the show business, defendant Cruzado.

the head of The tax Association also complained about the short limitation periods in Spain for tax offences. “You can prevent some of the tax offences can be sanctioned by the tax office,” criticized Cruzado.

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