January heard in football, the speculation, the whole month of the transfer window is open. The Bundesliga to be better, to get players from all over the world. But why go the distance? SPIEGEL ONLINE provides five players from the 2. Football-League before that are so good that you could soon be playing in the Bundesliga.

“In your noggin, you’re in the circle of the League”

If there is currently a football player in Germany’s professional leagues, whose life is material for a whole Netflix series would be, for sure Daniel Keita-Ruel , 29 years old, from the SpVgg Greuther Fürth. At 17, he played in the U19 Borussia Mönchengladbach, he was good, a great and yet technically gifted striker and was sorted out anyway. Manager Max Eberl to him in parting, said: “From the neck to foot in you’re League, but in your head you’re circle League.”

Keita-Ruel was not involved in the summer of 2011, four robberies, he was 21. He was caught, convicted, and had for nearly four years in prison. Normally, it would have been the end of a career, which was already come to a Halt. Only in the history of Keita-Ruel never anything been normal. In prison, he grew in muscle mass, as a day release prisoner, he met for the upper-tier Ratingen, as a free man, then for Wattenscheid (regional League) and Fortuna Köln (3. League).

Each year, Keita moved on, as all call it, a League higher. He has to lose no more time. Now he plays with Fürth for the first time in League two – and how: 18 games, eight goals. And so it would be no Surprise if Daniel Keita-Ruel changes in the summer – in the Bundesliga.

Always re-Schalke

Philipp Klement

You do not need to actually write much in the first half of the season of Paderborn game maker, Philipp Klement , 26, to summarize. It is the naked record: 17 games, ten goals, six assists enough. The question remains: Where has this Klement, which beats so light-footed passes is Second to none in the League, actually hidden for so long?

Now, he played for Kaiserslautern, Nuremberg, Rostock and Mainz, and often very good, but mostly in the reserve teams. The breakthrough was: First, others were physically stronger, then others were as talented, or maybe they were simply younger. Two League games with a total of 28 minutes of the game completed Klement, both for Mainz. The first in the autumn of 2015 against Schalke, so against that club that wants to sign him now, apparently. The “image”newspaper reported, at least.

Training with Heynckes

Dominick Drexler

moved up Dominick Drexler in the summer of 2009, professionals from Bayer 04 Leverkusen, he was 19, A youth Cup winner and very talented. Only that was not enough to enforce: For Leverkusen, coached by Jupp Heynckes, played Stefan Kiessling, Arturo Vidal, Renato Augusto and Toni Kroos, he was only 19. Drexler remained only the role as a training partner, on his Bundesliga debut, he is still waiting.

Ten years later, the story of Drexler and the League could still find a Happy ending. Because Drexler is playing since a half year for 1. FC Cologne, and can be seen since then, one thing above all: that the club and player are too good for League two. Drexler plays in the offensive midfield, sometimes left, sometimes in the centre, and if it is dangerous, he is involved mostly. His record: 18 games, four goals, ten templates. Top notch!

storks, the full-fledged

Kingsley Schindler

last season, had played Drexler with Holstein Kiel to the rise in the Bundesliga, was he trained by Markus at the beginning. As the beginning moved on in the summer after Cologne, he took Rafael Czichos same, a few weeks later, also Drexler wrote in the Rhineland. And Kingsley Schindler , 25, could be the next stork, the full-fledged is.

had Been made after the last season, in the Schindler with 12 goals and five assists in 33 Games, there was interest from the Bremen-Stuttgart and the Premier League. Schindler would not have changed then, like you left it. In the summer, his contract does not expire, it will extend it. Instead, a change to Cologne in the room. Free transfer in the summer, or in return for compensation immediately – it is the last decision that may be taken by the keel in this post.

David Kinsombi

it is Different in the case of captain David Kinsombi , 23,. His contract runs until 2021 and in Kiel we will do everything possible to keep at least him. This is hard enough as it is: Kinsombi is two strong in battle, and now he shoots even goals scored (4 goal of the season). No wonder, then, that he should be courted by RB Salzburg and clubs from the Bundesliga and from England.

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