Berlin is change. Nothing is in this city, the people grumble. And you forget that it is also what attracts the people. The Work In Progress. In Berlin, nothing remains as it was. What was just as familiar, because it seemed to always be there is suddenly gone. Sometimes that’s all to the Good, the city sheds its skin constantly, but sometimes it is just sad. Berlin is also a loss. Now straight again.

The Café Rizz on the Grimm road in the graefekiez in Kreuzberg, where Kreuzberg to be very cross-Bergisch, has resided 35 years. With the end of the year. The landlady wants it. Something else going there, if possible, a little Sleeker. And another piece of old Kreuzberg way to die.

The Rizz with his boss, Alois Smitka and his landlady, Birgit Huster was a number in the neighborhood, a second home for many. Not a tourist Hot Spot, but the point of contact for all who live around it, for some that landed in Kreuzberg and stranded, a point of contact for families and eternal Singles as for dogs, as a guest loved by the landlady.

Bruno Ganz, and Münte, Matt and Riexinger

The author Carolin Emcke returned here, the “daily mirror” columnist Harald martenstein made yourself comfortable, the Left – boss Bernd Riexinger, who lives around the corner, eat here, you have to say for now, to eat here. Bruno Ganz and Franz Müntefering were there, the “scene of the crime”-Crew, led by Commissioner Eva Mattes has celebrated their TV premieres, singer Yvonne Catterfeld and had Breakfast here. Andreas Hoppe, “crime scene”investigator Mario Kopper, has over looked. It would have tasted just as good as his Italian Film-Mama.

But the Rizz was not a celebrity in a pub, by no means. Rather, the first address for everyone who wanted to watch the neighborhood sports. Birgit Huster and her Team have everything transferred to canvas From the Champions League to the motorcycle-Great price, Super Bowl, and hockey, but also “the scene of the crime”, the TV-Chancellor of duel and the election to the Bundestag.

For the Twitter community this side of Berlin, the Rizz was a kind of Central meeting point in the capital. Birgit Huster tweeted under @CafeRizz guests, football and the Rest of the world, there was a Twitter regular.

The Rizz was proud to be politically

And the Rizz, self-evident old Kreuzberg-honour, politically. Doctors without borders is no longer held their yearly meeting, there are a lot of restaurants that offer something of course. It is one of the footnotes that the Rizz is necessary to close in the year in which it was due to his political position nationally known. Birgit Huster had announced before the football world Cup in June via Twitter that the radical Right is a house ban, and also explicitly in the AfD included. André Poggenburg, the former AfD chief in Saxony, had taken up the Tweet to the General public, Parallel to the “Jews undesirable” by the Nazis pulled.

The result: The Rizz received Threats, officials of the land office of criminal investigation were in the common room, in order to ensure the normal operation under police protection, of the “taz” on the “star” to “the world” reported all over the hostess and her Trouble with the AfD.

This is all in the past now. At the farewell evening right before Christmas, regulars got served your favorite food and your favorite beverages poured, the guests held a short, impromptu Speeches. A said, you’ve dragged your grandparents from California to Rizz, “to show them the place that has become my living room – they have seen it and it is immediately understood.”


disappearance of The living room and now there isn’t, again, a very cosy place in the city less, not only in the graefekiez in Kreuzberg, not only in Kreuzberg. In the triangle Kreuzberg-Mitte-Friedrichshain, you will disappear the calm places where you met for lunch, afternoon or evening or all of these times.

The cozy beer garden “Heinz Minki” is long, no one can be more sagging in of the “friendship of peoples” at the schönhauser Allee maintained, the former German democratic Republic Bohemian art scene has become since the death of the “beeper” in the sredzkistraße in Prenzlauer Berg homeless. On the Spree river, the beach, bars, Kiki Blofeld and East beach have given way to the construction projects. There, around the Mercedes-Benz hall, has emerged instead is a soulless concrete of the dead city, without any urbanity, dominated by a huge shopping Mall, licked, above it all, perched in the dark, the illuminated Mercedes star.

Alone in the good old world restaurant market hall, where Sven Regeners literary figures, Mr. Lehmann decided to eat roast pork, it has survived a change in ownership largely unscathed.

Officially, the Rizz is since 23. December due to renovations closed, the signs are already removed, 35-year-Kiezgeschichte to be processed. And many people are now looking for a new living room. To forget In a city that is full of Change, the living room.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.