at the beginning of December, condemned the district court of the actress Antje Mönning Kaufbeuren for an administrative offense to a fine of 300 Euro. She had listed on a car Park in the Allgäu, a kind of dance and in front of the three men, her skirt lifted, under which she wore no underwear.

Two of the observers were civil police officers, which indicated Mönning. In the third eyewitness was a Truck driver, had been controlled by the civilian police. He had made officials aware of the action that had been filmed then Mönnings dance.

Now Mönnings defender Alexander Stevens announced that he had inserted a so-called Leap appeal to the higher regional court of Munich. In the process, he had stated that in case Monning, the criteria of paragraph 183a of the criminal code, i.e. public indecency would not apply. “Self-Nude streaker not to be sued,” he said in court.

The case had nationwide made headlines – because the actress had once shown a nun in the ARD series “Um Himmels Willen”. They had not denied their Performance in the Parking lot, but as an art action.

Against Mönning, there was initially a criminal warrant for public indecency. This accusation of the magistrate is not held to be incorrect, and the necessary sexual action of some significance. He condemned Mönning but due to “harassment of the General public”. Attorney Stevens had already announced at the trial, to want to be up to the Federal constitutional court.


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