Accustomed to the room of the Four Columns of the national Assembly, Pierre Dumazeau, director of the drafting of the Letter of the Expansion, has seen the new world landed at the Palais-Bourbon. The neo-deputies of The Republic in march have arrived in mass (more than 300), promising practice of the different policy. Of these seventeen months, the journalist takes a brief essay at the same time cruel and illuminating on these new parliamentarians – often from the civil society and this Republic down. With in a hollow, and by way of conclusion, a notice of the death of the Fifth Republic.

The Point : In 17 months, how does one of the Republic on to the Republic to fail ?

Stone Dumazeau, journalist and political essayist, author of the book ” The Republic down “.

© HAMILTON/REA Stone Dumazeau : From the beginning, the head of the State was thought that a good campaign team would make a good team at the Elysée palace. But this is not the case. The head of State we sold a presidency jupitérienne ; it results in a solitude of power, excessive authoritarianism, and small phrases that make him evil. Therefore, there has been a coup de knife in the contract with the French. What’s more, Emmanuel Macron, has a parliamentary majority is very strong numerically, but very weak politically. Certainly, it is necessary that these neo-mps – from civil society – have the time to learn about the functioning of the Assembly, but they are sometimes arrogant, and face, in the opposition, to old backpackers that trap quite easily. Last week, François Ruffin has a good summary of the situation on the issue of students with disabilities : members LREM are evidence of sectarianism, only voting of the amendments that come from their group. Their excess of confidence is playing tricks.

You speak of the solitude policy of Emmanuel Macron. As we have seen in the case of Benalla, where there has been very little protected by its majority…

Nobody knew what to answer. In the hall of the Four Columns, it was ” courage, let us flee “. In discovering the case, many fall out of the cabinet. In the ” off “, some have told me that it was a stab in the back while a year ago they passed the law on the moralization of public life. Other members have simply not been able to defend the president of the Republic to the tv. There has always been this stereotype that power isolates. But the former presidents had a circle of close friends (party leader, members of parliament, councillors), which provided a bit of a contradiction. With Macron, we have a presidency very lonely.

At the same time, the “revolution macronienne” from the new world takes a bit of time to put in place…

I do not deny the renewal and contribution in the political life. But there is a striking contrast between the new world we were sold, and how this new world operates, ultimately, the power. When they arrived at the Palais-Bourbon, the mps have blasted the old cumulards sexist who slept during the sessions. One was going to see what we would see. It has been seen. Evidenced by the sequence on the redesign : there was no one there for the casting. Few members, apart from Gabriel Attal, have emerged. The mps do not have local roots, because they do not want to continue in politics. Bruno Bonnell said, for example : “I’m not here to make social assistance “, that says a lot about their state of mind. For many, being a member of parliament, it is a job, a checkbox on LinkedIn. Moreover, most of them will not be a single mandate. Being a member of parliament, it is a lot of trouble, it is less well paid than some jobs in the private sector, it is necessary to come in the night session and everything is controlled…

would this not finally the Fifth Republic, which we celebrated the sixtieth anniversary, which appears to be down ?

there are, of course, a breath of our Constitution. It started with Nicolas Sarkozy and his hyperprésidence. The Constitution has been amended 24 times ; we live under a hybrid regime. The national Assembly no longer represents France. When you see, for example, that Jean-Luc Mélenchon has made about 20 % at the presidential election and only has 17 members. The people must feel the actors of the political game, and this is no longer the case. I think that Ve is more consistent with the world in which we live.

” The Republic down “, Stone Dumazeau, editions du Rocher, 130 pages, 14,90 €

But Emmanuel Macron does does it not the quintessence of the Fifth Republic – a man elected without a political party and which causes a part of the civil society not loose ?

We’re not going to compare it to the general de Gaulle ! Emmanuel Macron was not the providential man. It did not come from nowhere : he was deputy secretary-general and the minister of Economy of François Hollande. He faced in the second round, Marine Le Pen, and he was elected with one abstention strong enough, as the mps who have very little legitimacy. This is the default choice for many French.

” The Republic down “, Stone Dumazeau, editions du Rocher, 130 pages, 14,90 €

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