The Deutsche Bahn has set in due to the warning Strikes nationwide long-distance transport. ICE – and IC-trains, were affected in a rail spokeswoman said. Previously, the railway had declared the long-distance transport is limited due to the warning Strikes “across the country massively”.

The railway and transport Union (EVG) had called for broken Collective bargaining to a nationwide warning strike. For 5.00 to 9.00 PM announced a nationwide strike, we were already about an hour earlier.

Until the early afternoon, a return to the normal schedule was to be expected, said a spokesman for the railway and transport Union (EVG). “If the schedule is messed up, it takes a while until everything is up and running again.”

The reason of the Strike: The Union will prevail in the collective conflict with their claims. On Saturday, the toe had broken off collective bargaining for 160,000 Workers. In the case of the wage increase the group of the trade Union was not contrary to, in their view, far enough.

Here you will Find the latest traffic reports of the Deutsche Bahn.


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