The US magazine Forbes has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again to the world’s most powerful woman of the year. The more Public the place, the big question is, who and what consequence, if the CDU-politician is in office, the magazine writes. So Merkel is in the eighth year in a row at the top of the Forbes created a Top 100.

On square two – also like last year, the British Prime Minister Theresa May before the French Head of the International monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, the lands on place three. The fourth place, Mary Barra, Head of the US car manufacturer General Motors occupied fifth place, the Head of the US financial group, Fidelity, Abigail Johnson is.

For the list, Forbes takes into account, among other things, wealth, media presence and influence of the respective women. From Germany also the chief financial officer of Deutsche Post, Melanie circle is next to Merkel, # 61 represented. The youngest woman on the list is US singer Taylor Swift at the space 68 is at the age of 28. Ivanka Trump, the daughter and the adviser of US President Donald Trump, slipped from 19. 24. Place.

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