Sebastian Körber (FDP) is optimistic. With a probability bordering on certainty, he will move in as the third member of the state Parliament from the district of Forchheim in the Maximilianeum.

“It looks good”, confirmed Körber. Congratulations, he did not want to take, however, is the opposite. “Because I’m superstitious. I am happy only when I have the result in black and white in front of me,” said Körber.

A Liberal from upper Franconia

Fixed: upper Franconia will be represented by a Deputy in the Bavarian Landtag. One of the two compensatory mandates, the FDP, the other to the SPD. falls, namely, to To 99.9 percent of the mandate for the liberals to Sebastian Körber. “It’s never happened before, that the list leader was outvoted,” says Körber.

The nail-biter of his party, he had not expected. However, the overall result should differentiated be seen, the 38-year-old Forchheimer. In Munich, the party have received, for example, twice as many votes as in Swiss francs. Against this Background, the nearly five percent of the mean, the Körber in the district-average of the three best results of the election of the FDP candidate in the whole of Bavaria had won.

Strong counter-candidate

especially with the vote of the Forchheimer Körber is very satisfied. Here he won votes 1252, say, 7.54 percent of the voters opt for Körber. “This is a result in Munich, since I don’t have to hide me,” the Forchheimer architect self-consciously. In addition, Thorsten Glauber Sebastian Körber had to compete against the candidate of the Free voters, has scored the best election result in the whole of Bavaria. “37 percent for Michael Hofmann, a strong result for the Greens, there is not much left for the FDP,” says Körber, refers to the fact that the liberals in the district have always been difficult to have done. The closer the locations of the fittings on the S-Bahn, the stronger the agreement to the FDP. In Gößweinstein, in contrast, Körber, 2.6 percent and 0.7 percent above the result of the party.

Jamaica-discussion seems to

Why the entry of the FDP was to the Maximilianeum, a nail-biter, and the Forchheimer-Liberal, especially the CSU with the responsibility to provide the FDP with regard to the coalition negotiations in the Federal government, that this party wants to assume any political responsibility. Since the discussion of Jamaica had any impact coalition succeeded suspected Körber. From the high turnout, the liberals have been able to beat this time, unfortunately, there is no capital. “But at least they pushed the total result of the AfD,” Sebastian Körber is also something Positive. The designated member of the Landtag went yesterday to the Munich-country-Assembly of delegates of the FDP.

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