The German tenants ‘ Federation warns of rising Rent in the new year. “After our assessment, no factors that are likely to curb the increase in Rents,” said Director Lukas Siebenkotten.

So gaped supply and demand, especially in large cities, conurbations and University cities, are still apart. The episode had strong rent growth in supply. “Not only that, in the extremely high-priced cities, the price slows down increase, since Rent here is affordable.”

The high bid, and re-letting rent would now beat the Rent in existing tenancies, said Siebenkotten. “The customary comparative rent will increase in the cities by an estimated three to five percent.”

at Least, in addition to the cost of the tenant Covenant is not forecast to 2019, with significant climbs. According to the most recent data for 2016, tenants on average paid nearly 2,20 Euro per square meter for the “second rent”, including Heating costs. In the case of a 80 square meter apartment 176 Euro to fall, therefore, in addition to cost per month. Almost half is apportioned to the Heat. Only homes heated with Oil, should expect significant premiums, said Siebenkotten.

after a year-long real-estate boom has continued, the increase in Rents last unabated. This shows an evaluation of the Hamburg Institute for urban, Regional and housing research (GEWOS). The offer climbed rent, therefore, in the third quarter of the national average on seven Euro cold per square meter. This is an increase of 3.9 percent within a year’s time.

a Particularly strong increase in cities

Also, the Institute expects further increases in prices: “In comparison with the same period last year has given a boost to the rent development,” said GEWOS-managing Director Carolin Wandzik. In the third quarter of 2017, the increase in the offer was rent with 3.6 per cent, slightly lower.

Particularly strong, Rents rose in the seven largest German cities, including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. On average, they grew by 6.4 per cent to just twelve euros per square metre, cold. Were investigated for the 80-square-metre apartments in the building Age of 30 years, at a medium location, and the usual equipment offered on the Online Portal Immobilienscout24.

in 2017, and in the first half of 2018, the Rent Germany had risen far in the case of new rentals more than the Inflation rate, such as data of the Federal Ministry of the interior had shown. In the case of existing leases, the run-on the real estate market, the growth is lower: in 2017, the stock climbed for rent by 1.6 percent compared to the previous year, the real estate Association, the GdW.

the extent of the rent increases surprised

Steadily increasing Rents are, at least in the cities not so unusual, says Michael Voigtländer, real estate expert at the Institute of German economy (IW). Because that is where most of the Jobs would grow for highly skilled and the income tends to be. The extent of the rent increases it was extraordinary.

2019 could diminish the dynamics. This is because the immigration from abroad, and the policy regulate more and more, for instance with more stringent Rent control and less room for the owner, upgrades on the rent to kill. “In some of the already expensive residential Rents are likely to rise were slower,” said Voigt countries. In the surroundings of the cities, it could be significantly more expensive, since people would no more apartments in cities.

the main reason is the shortage of housing. Also in 2019 is only a little relief in sight. In the new year more than 2017, but not enough, should according to the construction industry, up to 320,000 new dwellings arise: every year, 350,000 to 400,000 new apartments are according to policy and the real estate economy is necessary to meet the demand.

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In the real estate deficiency afterwards come to the construction companies and craftsmen hardly – also because of a lack of skilled workers. The lack of such in plumbing, heating and sanitary craftsmen, brake housing, said the development Bank KfW. Even the Build in gaps or the top-up of housing trust in densely populated cities such as Munich or Frankfurt to the borders. The scarcity makes the cost of construction to rise sharply, later on the rent.

but What would slow down the rise in Rents in the cities? Such a reversal of the strong currents in the Metropolitan areas, said IW expert Voigtländer. The urge in the metropolises, not a law of nature, but currently unbroken. Even the poor wanted to come to town and take higher living costs. “A return to the house in the countryside is not to be seen.”

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