The ultimate humiliation to save Lewis Hamilton for Sunday evening. After the victory in the Grand Prix of Japan, will bring pretty sure the fifth world title, he said in the direction of its largest rivals Sebastian Vettel: “I love to fight. And most of all, I would have even more wheel-to-wheel duels,“ he said to his lone triumph travel. Alone: the Ferrari Star is currently just too slow.

In Suzuka, Vettel squandered again, when he tried early in the race, Max Verstappen over zuzwängen. As risky as unnecessary maneuvers: The low countries had been occupied with a time penalty and would have fallen back in the standings already behind Vettel. Nevertheless, the Hesse attacked and slipped from the track. Although he came to the end sixth to the finish, ended his race in order de facto. Once again. Vettel, the impression of the races since the summer break, is to often get in their own way.

this is despite the fact that he tried afterwards, Verstappen was to blame for the collision in the shoes of changes: “It’s always the Same with Max: He holds, however, if he should not keep it. I fly out of there, is just not right. I regret nothing.“ This opinion he had to be pretty exclusive. Majority of capable was the statement from Red Bull Boss Christian Horner: “In the case of Max, we know that he leaves no inch of space. You have to choose to go with different pilots, different approach.“ Tenor of his statement: Self-blame, Vettel. The commissioners saw it similar to, and waived a sanction.

in Italy the press is expecting Vettel

Vettel’s Frustration is obvious. Although he holds back to the public with criticism of his employer. In Suzuka, he once again stressed: “I am part of this team. The spirit of this team is unbroken.“ However, after the misadventures in Hockenheim, Monza, Budapest and now in Suzuka, the love of many waxes cold in Ferrari Land, to the great bearers of hope.

“is It a fact that Sebastian Vettel makes nothing right,” was the verdict of “La Stampa”, “Corriere dello Sport” attests to Vettel “a deep existential crisis”. For the “Gazetta dello Sport”: “Ferrari is in shambles.” Part of the decline is a weakening of a Pilot who learns from his mistakes, nothing would be””. From the euphoria of the first half of the season, as the Ferrari and the silver arrows Paroli was able to offer and from the first driver’s title dreamed about since 2007, nothing more to feel.

in and Around Maranello, the votes that Ferrari needs a major upheaval are on the increase. With Charles Leclerc, a young driver is replaced in 2019 the experienced, but also the hapless Kimi Raikkonen. And also for team boss Maurizio Arrivabene, the air is thinner. After the Scuderia in Qualifying sent repeatedly bombed and Vettel with the wrong tyres on the runway, scolded Arrivabene publicly and considered in front of the cameras “a number of personnel exchange”. Well possible that it will, however, be a chair that is filled.


rumors about a transfer to the Board of Directors of soccer Champion Juventus Turin persist, the Agnelli family controls the club, as well as the Scuderia. Arrivabene, four years ago promising processes in the Red bottomed out, rubs in this season’s increasingly technology-in-chief Mattia Binotto. The Italians should have ambitions in terms of team boss logged in and also from the new power structure benefit.

Since the death of CEO Sergio Marchionne at the end of July, Louis Camilleri and John Elkann have to Say that, as a first order of business, she sawed the long-standing Ferrari favorite from Raikkonen. You a different, successful Scuderia in mind. The Power for the necessary personnel changes in the Command you have the willingness to do so obviously. After the bust series of the past few weeks, Sebastian Vettel is likely to see it as an opportunity.

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