Unruly and frizz to smooth, or Vice versa straight hair wearing curls, waves and corkscrew – with hair straighteners, Curling rods and so-called Curlers, it is possible. However, almost a third of the devices according to the Stiftung Warentest dangerous. You the automatic shutdown, or the danger of burns is too high is either.

overall, the Foundation were test checked 16 devices. The detailed results of the study will be published in the January issue of the magazine “test”.

In the study, three out of nine audited, among others, fell rods by Lure, due to deficiencies in the electrical safety, or due to risk of burns – two of which lacked the automatic switch-off, heated continuously and a fire risk. In the case of the third verb, the Tester ran the Heizkolben, because you had to hold the coiled strands.

two Curler deficient sections: you moved in in the Test, the hair, and not more releases. In the case of the seven tested hair straighteners, there were also twice-touch is defective. Again, the auto power off function was missing here. One of these devices is not heated additionally, only the plates but also the housing. With over 90 degrees in some Places, the rich, to scalp, to burn ears, or fingers.

with a well-rated devices, the testers praised at the same time the result and the secure application.

the results of The evaluation of the Foundation were published here and here.


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