Unexpected favorite: In the run-up to the four-hills-tournament, Markus Eisenbichler was not as a title candidate has been traded. In his career, the 27-Year-old no the world Cup had to achieve the victory. From the German array of other Springer were in the focus. But now Eisenbichler has not only in the German Team the nose far forward, but also opportunities for the overall victory.

result: , As in Oberstdorf was won by Ryoyu Kobayashi against the competition, especially iron Bichler. On the third place in the Pole Dawid Kubacki landed. Click here for the message.

From the German point of view: , The second Jump ran jump a little better than the prelude. In addition to Eisenbichler, Stephan Leyhe (7. Place) among the top Ten place. David Siegel landed on the 17. Rank. Richard Freitag had impressed in the first run-through first – in the end it was only enough for 24th place. Twelve German knights, six reached the second round.

Andreas Wellinger (more on him below) and Severin Freund didn’t make it into the final round. After the Competition, national coach Werner Schuster announced that Severin Freund will end the tour early. After a long injury break, he had not managed in the first two to Jump in the final round.

voltage until the very end: Haarscharf Markus eisenbichler had missed his first victory at all. Ryoyu Kobayashi was only 1.9 points more than Eisenbichler. At the time of his jump, the Japanese had a tail wind in the landing area, pushed him to the ground. His jump was two feet shorter – and yet he received, as a result of the difficult conditions, a higher number of points.

Already after the first round had indicated, the battle between iron Bichler and Kobayashi. Both bears showed strong jumps on 138 and 136.5 meters. The Japanese was only 0.2 points on the front. In the ARD Interview, Eisenbichler showed after the Race, still cheerful: “I just feel shit. It was again very closely. I am glad that it runs so well.”

two fight for the title: The total victory of the 67. Four-hills-tournament will make up Kobayashi and iron Bichler with each other. After two Jumping of the Japanese leads and maintains the Chance to win the Grand Slam of all four individual victories. This is just Sven hannawald and Poland’s Kamil Stoch last year, succeeded in the history of the competition so far. Eisenbichler is 2.3 points behind him and believes that Kobayashi was beat on a good day, “to”. He would be the first German tour winner since Hanna forest 17 years ago.

wardrobe: at the beginning of the second round, prevailed for a short confusion. Actually, Constantin Schmid was the turn – on of the Gate of the Norwegian Robert Johannsson sat. The resolution: Schmid’s suit was broken and had to be sewn up before his jump.

Form: After his retirement in the first round at the first of the tour, the Jump said DSV pilot’s Andreas Wellinger: “The back two steps.” In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the individual Olympic champion, kept the reverse – its of 100.9 points were not enough to be able to again jump.

new year’s hangover for Austria: Stefan Kraft showed in the first pass a weak jump, and he rowed wild with the poor. After the third place in Oberstdorf, he flew as in a duel with DSV Aviator Constantin Schmid in the first passage. Of the Austrians could only qualify Daniel Huber and Manuel Fettner for the final round. Daniel Huber landed on the 15. Place. A Debacle.

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