Yes, it is one and the same Person, the jumps because of the four-hills-tournament with the eagle on the pink helmet. Stefan Kraft was not always like the same Springer in the past week. The world champion came in the season-opener in Oberstdorf third on the podium, two days later, at the new year’s jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as a second-to-Last after the first round excrete.

The Home is in Innsbruck, just three days after Garmisch, succeeded him as the Second best result of the season. “This feels like a victory,” said power in the ORF. “In Garmisch, it didn’t work unfortunately. I think I’m going to grow as a apartment and a lot of exercise.”

power is perhaps the best example of a phenomenon that shows in the ski-jumping is likely to be greater than in all other sports: The benefits vary extremely strong – often within a day or two. Who will be today on the Podium, tomorrow may fall out of the Top 50.

There are only a few jumpers, six, seven or eight good jumps in a row, manage to show, for the victory in the tour. This year it is even only one: The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi has won all three of their previous Jump, with only minor errors made. Therefore, he is (if he falls) prior to the final Competition in Bischofshofen (Sunday 17 PM, TV: ZDF, live Ticker MIRROR ONLINE) as the winner of the 67. Four-hills-tournament as well as.

Only a few succeed and several good jumps in a row

in addition to Kobayashi landed only Stjernen of the Norwegian Andreas, both of Poland, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch and Slovenian Timi Zajc Jump all three in the Top Ten. Even the Pole Piotr Zyla, prior to the tour, with a ranking of six as the worst world Cup placing yet, the most consistent Springer of the season, showed in Innsbruck such a poor first jump that he was not allowed to compete in the second passage – like force in Garmisch – even once.

The changing conditions rinse again and again people to the front, no one saw the slip of paper. Markus Eisenbichler and Stjernen, which would have after the Jumping from Innsbruck behind Kobayashi on the places two and three in the overall standings, hardly a trust, such a placement prior to the tour.

also of Germany, tour of hope Eisenbichler showed But after four jumps on a good level in Oberstdorf and Garmisch into Innsbruck only two average jumps, and lost his good position in the battle for the tour victory.

The many factors of ski jumping

How can that be? Because in the case of a jump that only lasts a few seconds, so many things come together. Start-Up, Takeoff, Flight, Landing. Even after years of experience, it is almost impossible in each of these areas is always the Optimum to retrieve.

other, outer, and the Springer is not the controlling influences. About the Wind, for the somewhat credited or deducted, but in the end, however, the decisive factor, and the classification can swirl and twirl through each other. For the jumpers, which can be frustrating. It is also the charm of sports but it.

The higher the constancy, the Kobayashi since the beginning of the season as the only jumps. In the coming year, may change that, but again: Andreas Wellinger, Second a year ago, this year in the overall standings to 32nd. Daniel-Andre Tande, two years ago, third-party, is currently on rank 38. Peter Prevc, the winner three years ago, broke out of the tour because of its shape, as from weakness, soon after the qualification in Garmisch, after he as a 61. not even for the day of competition, could qualify.

Even if he will have to do with the tour victory after a blunder, nothing more was to power the “mega happy” that he could stand three days after the failure of Garmisch in his home on the Podium. He knows that On Sunday in Bischofshofen, it can look very different. The conditions are probably not easy, it’s going to snow

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