Dover/Bad Tölz – A victim had to bring the Four already Before it started, they have ended their relationship. “Hard, but it’s not different,” says Tommi Black, who has been separated a few months ago by his girlfriend. He is one of the four, how many young people after high school in search of an adventure. But Tim dog (20), Michael Bishop (18), Tommy Black (18), and Vincent Goymann (18) not enough to fly for two months to Australia or Indonesia. No, the four wanted to once around the world. On the barefoot route. With the sailing ship.

Three years have given to the four time. Since the 20. September, you are on the lake. The first storm with a Two-Meter swell and a short period of panic, they have already behind. None of them – up to sailing certificate holder dog whose brother Marian, a successful Kite-Surfer – has any experience with ships. “The last Time I was at the age of six on a boat,” says Black. “A Dinghy with outboard motor.”

in Norway, cycled through Spain

with adventures, you know. In the same occupation you cycled already for weeks by Norway, paddled by Spain. But this is a new experience.

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The spirit of adventure is palpable, and all were looking forward to the challenge, the sense of community and the experience. Before the Start of the Baltic sea island of Fehmarn, you feel a little queasy. Fear of none has. “But Respect. We are looking forward to the first critical situations.“ You didn’t have to wait long. They had to fight with diesel rot, caused by Residues from Biodiesel, the currents, they forced to price changes, or fierce gusts of wind at the end of the North-Baltic sea channel with two-Meter-high waves. “In the Situation we found the completely crass and dangerous,” says Black. “But in retrospect, I think was not, even so wild.”

Nothing in comparison to what is waiting for you according to the Plan, as of December the Four. has talked in more detail with the boys.

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