After the serious rioting last weekend in Paris France is head of state, Emmanuel Macron has called for an appeal by political parties and social partners for the rest. Political and trade Union forces as well as employers, should disseminate a “clear and explicit call for peace”. The government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux said after a Cabinet meeting, which was also attended by Macron. The President said that some of the aim of the Republic to attack.

For several weeks, supporters of the yellow West is demonstrate all over the country. According to the head of government of Édouard Philippe, four people were killed, hundreds were injured. On Saturday it was in the French capital of serious rioting with many injured and an estimated million in damage. On Saturday, more protests are expected.

As a concession to the yellow West, announced by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on Tuesday, a planned tax increase on petrol and Diesel to suspend. The Moratorium should last for six months. Philippe assured, moreover, that the rates for electricity and Gas during the winter until 1. March should not be raised. The tightening-up of the technical Inspection of cars with stricter environmental legislation will be stopped for six months.

at the same time broke out in France, a debate on the controversial wealth tax. It is speculated that if its abolition could not be undone. Macrons government had converted the tax for the Wealthy with the beginning of the year in a real estate tax, assets from shares with a value of more than 1.3 million Euro tax since then. Critics accuse the former investment banker, Macron, therefore, to be a “President of the Rich”.

yellow West want to continue

The Premier protest, demanded in return an end to the violence. However, it is not expected that the movement of the yellow West is rapidly ebbing. Eric Drouet, one of the leaders of the movement, said on Tuesday the TV station BFMTV, it should be demonstrated, as long as there is no real turning point. Also, the movement becomes self-perpetuating for a long time: On Monday, the teachers are on strike want to be in France, high school graduates, more study places, retirees demand higher pension, Low income, a wealth tax for millionaires, eco-conscious free buses.

And also the farmers want for the first time to demonstrate against the government Macron. The largest farmers ‘ Union FDSEA announced for the whole of the coming week, demonstrations in different cities. Union boss Christiane Lambert spoke to the AFP news Agency of the “farmer-Bashing” by the government, and to a high financial burden. The farmers were, among other things, by the action of the government against the weed killer glyphosate, “humiliated”, which is made for cancer, said Lambert. A short time before had also announced the agriculture Minister, Didier, Guillaume, to move the population’s unpopular increase in the minimum prices for food products next year. The farmers fear financial losses.

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