In protests against high fuel prices in France, there is a fatal accident. A car driver was given a road blockade in a panic, and I ran over a protester, confirmed France’s interior Minister Christophe Castaner and the competent prefect tune in to a live televised Video. Previously, the police had reported to different varieties of accidents with injuries.

The accident occurred, therefore, in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, to the North of Grenoble. According to the prefect some of the approximately 40 participants of the road blockade had tumbled to the woman’s car, which fell into panic and hit the Gas entered.

The protests were organized by the movement Gilets Jaunes (safety vests). Social networks such as Facebook, members had called for blockades of roads, roundabouts and toll stations. According to media reports, the least are logged in to the actions officially. The Protest is directed against the center government’s planned tax increases on petrol and Diesel.

the trigger for the demonstrations is a raging diesel was driver: In a Video that was clicked on your Facebook page, already more than six million Times, lamented the 51-year-old Jacline Mouraud a “hunt for drivers” of the government. “Ten years ago, you brought us to buy Diesel, because they were considered to be environmentally friendly,” complains the mother of three children. Now President Emmanuel Macron would need the driver as a cash cow, miss.

Macron wants to increase the diesel tax by 6.5 cents

the anger of The Bretonin not only directed against the high gas prices – almost 1,90 Euro a litre of Diesel was at times at gas pumps in France, a Liter of Super € 1.98. It is directed especially against the declared will of the President, the diesel tax to 1. To increase in January by 6.5 cents per litre on gasoline, rising to 2.9 cents.

Officially, the government established the alignment of the gasoline tax with the protection of the environment and the exhaust gas affair to Volkswagen and other auto companies. The Opposition accuses Macron, by contrast, to fleece the motorist to fill the empty state coffers – € 15 billion annually, the Treasury can expect according to the French Conservatives. Also because of the increase in the penalty tax for dirty cars. It will launch starting in 2019 for all vehicles due to more than 117 grams of CO2 per Kilometer.

Because of the protests against the tax of the gridlock threatens France now. “You can demonstrate but not to block a country, if it may be that the ambulance will need to come through, that each of us must come tomorrow, this is obviously unacceptable,” said the French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe.

The extent of the expected traffic, however, was to assess in advance is difficult, since the majority of the protest was not logged in. The police are expected in the run-up to protests at some 1,500 places, and called for 3,000 additional officers. “It is not a hard nut to crack – the prefects know exactly how many additional police officers have to request it,” says an official. The government had announced that hard against all access, which impede the traffic.

the population of the Protest enjoyed pre-major approval: According to a survey for the channel France three-quarters of French people support the Gilets Jaunes.

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