In the event of Flooding in the South of France at least twelve people have lost their lives. Eight people were injured, informed the competent Prefecture on the evening. The information on the number of flood victims had changed several times. In the meantime, the speech of 13 dead, then the Prefecture revised the number down.

television images from the concerned Department of the Aude, showed roads that had turned into raging rivers. Cars were swept away.

Numerous streams and rivers to burst their banks. The competent prefect said to the channel LCI, in the night to Monday, so much rain fell within a few hours as normally in half a year.

The schools in the Department remained closed, many roads were blocked, and railway traffic in some places was broken, the Prefecture announced on Twitter. The people were not called to leave their homes. Several hundreds of fire fighters were in use.

In the commune of Trebes, to the East of Carcassonne, the high water reached to a level of approximately seven meters. A local resident told the TV station BFMTV, if you look out of the window, see nothing but water. Early in the Morning, you’ve observed how people were by the water masses on the street in front of their house to swim.

Three of the dead were found, according to media reports, in the municipalities of Villardonnel and Villegailhenc, to the North of Carcassonne. A man was injured when a house in Cuxac collapsed, as the prefect said to BFMTV. The inhabitants of the commune, were brought on Monday morning in safety, just like the residents of the municipality of Pezens.

as recently as last Thursday, heavy rains had demanded in the South of France, two of the victims. In the case of the municipality of Sainte-Maxime on the Côte d’azur, several cars were washed into the Mediterranean sea, two people were dead discovered in a car.

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