the French head of state Emmanuel Macron has called for more respect and more polite tone of US President Donald Trump. The United States and France are historic allies, “and, under the allies one owes respect,” said Macron, the channel TF1, after Trump had attacked him on Twitter.

Previously had already accused France’s government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux Trump a lack of decency. “Yesterday was 13. November. We have thought of the murder of 130 people three years ago in Paris and Saint-Denis,” he said to journalists. “So I’ll answer in English: Common decency (and common decency) would have been good,” he continued. France had intended on Tuesday to the victims of Islamist terrorist attacks three years ago.

Trump had to return from his visit in Paris on the occasion of the celebrations for the 100. Anniversary of the end of the First world war negative about Macron expressed. So, he wrote, Macron suffer from low approval values, he also criticized the idea of the European army and complained about high tariffs on U.S. wines in France.

Macron had used his speech to commemorate the end of the First world war, to an indirect but unmistakable criticism of Trump. “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism,” he said. Trump referred to themselves as nationalists.

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